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I’m hard at work on the October issue of Bread ‘n Molasses so I may be scarce over the next couple of days. Or maybe I’ll start doing 2am rants! That could be exciting. The new issue of BnM should be live by close of business on Friday. I believe Lois is going to write… Read more »

I’m feeling much better now. I think I may even live to fight the good fight another day. Turns out I was a bit more ill than what I had thought though, it took more than one good solid day of rest in order to recover. Maybe I was run down to begin with. .… Read more »

Well, I’m really sick. I came home last night to find out that my sisters and all their kids have the same symptoms as me, so something must be going around. I had a fever in the night, did a bit of hallucinating. I can’t remember the last time that happened! I got up at… Read more »

I’m not feeling very well. 🙁 My throat is sore, body aches to the touch, a ring of pain circles my eyes and I’m just really dozy and tired. I can’t seem to stay focused on anything and I could literally fall asleep here at my desk in front of the computer. I hope I’m… Read more »

It’s official — I will be writing the fourth instalment in our novel. I believe Lois will write next week, followed by Andrea the week after that, then if anyone else wants to join in they can add themselves into the rotation. So, now the dilemma is to decide which characters I should focus on… Read more »

Great news! Andrea fixed the archives feature, for real! Yay!! So, that’s that — now I can go back in and add all the photos into the archives. Of course, don’t expect that to happen overnight, I’m a little bit swamped getting the next issue of BnM finished. Now for an update on the Walking… Read more »

I’ve been thinking it would be really cool to make a list of links to all the Blogs written by Miramichiers whether living here or anywhere else in the world. So, are you a Miramichier who blogs? If so, let me know. I’ll post your URL in our links. I could also include it on… Read more »

By the way, nobody has volunteered to write the next section in our novel yet. So, if you’re interested send me an email and let me know. If I don’t hear from someone by Wednesday, I guess I’ll do the next part. Read what we’ve written so far by clicking on The Collaboration link in… Read more »

The Archives still aren’t working. Sorry. I didn’t bother to transfer any of the photos from our old space because I want to make sure we can get everything working here first. It would be a terrible waste of time to move them all and then have to go back to where we were because… Read more »

Seems the archives aren’t working. I’ve sent out a cry for help, hopefully have them fixed soon. Don’t you love ironing out all the bugs when you switch to something new? 🙂 Read more »

And we’re baaaacccckkkk!! This is our new home! What do you think? I like it. Many thanks to Andrea for helping me to get this up and running. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! So now we’re really blogging here at Bread ‘n Molasses! And my life will be a whole lot easier. I’ve copied… Read more »

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