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The Miramichi Blue Grass Festival is underway this weekend at the Familyland Campground in Loggieville. Dirk was on the scene last night and captured some great shots. Read more »

A few weeks ago we headed to Mighty Grand Falls country on the bike. Sometimes you get bored on the back of a bike after a few hours, so I decided to take some pictures. You can see my reflection in the mirror. Kinda cool. Our destination was Muniac Park, near Perth Andover which was… Read more »

We work hard here at Mighty Miramichi, but we like to have fun too. When Terry was recently away on vacation we emailed him these pics to let him know all was well… Actually, it was so nice out this week that we held a few staff meetings at the picnic table. We just imagine… Read more »

Friday’s just feel different don’t they? Today in particular there seems to be a spark of anticipation in the air. This week has been a short one for me since I had last Friday and this Monday off. I took a little vacation time and went to the Carleton County Toy Run at Muniac Park,… Read more »

Ok guys i need to get rid of some kittens. They are eating and drinking on their own and using the litter box. I know mark and melanie want one. RIGHT!! And as you can see mommy is very tired. Read more »

What is a blog anyway?   We get several visitors everyday to our blog site on Bread ‘n Molasses, but there are many viewers asking themselves, “what is a blog?” Well the answer is simple.   A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. Blogs are alternatively called web logs or weblogs. However,… Read more »

Blog site of a 20-year-old   Who ever said Miramichi is boring? Last week, I thought I would delve into the latest craze of the World Wide Web and start my own personal blog. I spent most of the weekend (in between Irish Festival events) posting several entries to the site. One thing about keeping a daily journal, which is intended for public… Read more »

Canada’s Irish Festival officially kicked off earlier today. The Festival runs all weekend so if you missed today’s festivities plan to drop by tomorrow and check it out. It’s always a great time! Until then, enjoy these pictures taken today.   Read more »

Canada’s Irish Festival happens this weekend. I was looking through the blog archives and found this post I wrote last year after attending some of the events for the first time. Reading that sealed the deal for me, look for me at this year’s event taking pictures and notes for an article in Bread ‘n… Read more »

I updated our Currently Reading list yesterday. It’s easier to use All Consuming to keep track of all the books. The only problem is occasionally I run across a book that doesn’t show up in the search. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen very often, but it happened with this last update. Mighty Miramichi’s good buddy, Squire,… Read more »

Terry, leader of the Mighty Crew, took these pictures while out and about Canada Day and at the Rock ‘n Roll Festival that evening. Look closely, you never know who you might see — Birthday girls and everything! 🙂 Happy 40th birthday to Helen from Fredericton, from the Mighty Miramichi! Read more »

Thanks Andrea! She sent me this picture of the Mighty Miramichi crew in the Canada Day Parade. Doesn’t everyone look like they’re having a great time? You can’t see me, Wally or Brianna, we’re in the van. Read more »

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