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Summer Fun Day in Miramichi Last weekend me & my buddy A.J. had a Summer Fun Day in Miramichi. First stop was the Miramichi Airport to check out the annual Miramichi Fly-In. We looked at the planes on display, grabbed a BBQ hotdog and went in search of the local flight school pilot who was… Read more »

On my leisurly drive yesterday we saw an interesting site and I thought I would share it with you. We met daisy and her youngin Buttercup. Read more »

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK! Mark, the big stud, with his balloons. Today was Mark’s birthday and he actually tried to sneak it by us! Wasn’t going to tell anybody! But, he made the mistake of telling Kathleen who works next door at Silicon East and knowing how much the Mighty Miramichi gang loves birthday parties, she… Read more »

Ahoy! Europa docks at Ritchie Wharf It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for the arrival of tall ship Europa, which docked at Ritchie Wharf late this morning. Not a lot of people were aware of its journey to Miramichi (including me), but I read about it in the paper this morning, so my… Read more »

North Shore Choppers I was watching T.V. at my humble abode (minding my own business, of course) when I heard the unmistakable purr of approximately 175 motorbikes cruising down Water Street. I immediately dashed from the Lazy Boy, grabbed my digital camera, and followed the crowd, wondering what this sudden jolt of life in Loggieville… Read more »

Hi i just I would show everyone how well my babies are getting along. Well how one of them is anyway. The others aren’t quite as brave. Read more »

I received this from a friend in Grand Falls and figured it was worth sharing. I’m not sure where it originated… a quick Google search indicated it was written by George Carlin but I guess his name gets tagged onto a lot of things he didn’t write, so who knows… Anyway, it’s worth reading, young… Read more »

Hey it’s me Stef (using Stacy’s ID), and I would like to thank Tim for taking me on a tour of the Ex. It was my first time there, but I can guarantee it won’t be the last! The exhibitors were wonderful and friendly, as well as the staff. What a great job guys, keep… Read more »

FRENCH FORT COVE FUNDRAISER There is a fundraiser on Sunday, Aug.29, to show support and help raise funds for the French Fort Cove Eco Center. The centre will host a first class curling rink, educational displays on the local flora & fauna, meeting & classroom facilities, and more. It will be a huge draw for… Read more »

Wednesday was a pretty busy day, with all our one-on-one staff meetings being held in the morning…. I’m looking back at pretty busy and thinking how strange that must sound to someone from away. Or is it a common phrase? Anyway…yesterday I took pics of some of the guys in their Mighty Miramichi t-shirts, featuring… Read more »

Acadia Celebrations in Miramichi Downtown Miramichi “On the Square” was rockin’ this weekend at the Tintamarre, the Annual Acadian Day celebration on Aug.15. Swing had the crowd dancing and cheering with their techno party mix style and were quite popular with the girls…signing autographs and posing for pictures. Dirk had a lot of fun with… Read more »

There’s a whole lotta hayin going on! As haying season in New Brunswick comes to a close, here are some pics to enjoy from Dirk, skipper of the Mighty Kent community. Read more »

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