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We decorated a few of our websites for Hallowe’en…check them out… Read more »

Something we can all use… What is self discipline? It is the rejection of instant gratification in favor of something better. It is the giving up of instant pleasure and satisfaction for a higher and better goal. It manifests as the ability to stick to actions, thoughts and behavior, which lead to improvement and success.… Read more »

And then there were BEARS!! Did you know there is a bear safari in New Brunswick? Well there is! The Little Big Bear Safari is one of the “Things to Do” on Dirk & I went with some friends and managed to get a few pictures….for some reason they didnt turn out very well.… Read more »

Nine tips for advancing on the path of spiritual growth: These quotes are an excerpt from the “Visualize and Achieve” e-book 1. Read spiritual and uplifting books. Think about what you read, and find out how you can use the information in your life. 2. Learn to make your mind quiet through concentration exercises and… Read more »

We celebrated Dirk’s birthday at Pizza Delight in Chatham, buffet style! For the record, his birthday was on October 5th. Our photo taking abilities seemed to be a little off that day for some reason…a lot of sideways & aerial shots, and some that went over our heads! Squire was unable to attend the party,… Read more »

A Hoot and a half at Pond’s Resort: A Mighty Party! It couldn’t have been a better weekend for a Mighty staff party at Pond’s Resort in Ludlow. Staff members from Mighty Miramichi, Kent, and Grand Falls converged on the world reknowned resort for 24 hours of non-stop activities, many of which included the barbecue,… Read more »

Happy Birthday Squire… and Dirk too! What is up with these people who don’t want to celebrate their birthdays? Once again, here we are finding out about a co-workers birthday after the fact. Dirk received this commemorative collage of pics from his buddy Glen… note Squire looming in the background. If he had of told… Read more »

Second Annual Miramichi Walking Challenge Underway During the Second Annual Miramichi Walking Challenge, residents of the Miramichi are being challenged to walk at least 30 minutes most days of the week for a period of eight weeks, beginning October 3rd. This year’s event also includes challenging participants to eat at least five to 10 servings… Read more »

Bartcom Enterprises showcase products and services at Open House It was open house day on Saturday, September 25 at Bartcom Enterprises, located at 56 Harris Street in the Upper Industrial Park – Newcastle. Although I forgot my camera, Dan’s mother, Susan was kind enough to share her digital shots of the event. Visitors had the… Read more »

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