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Be an Observer: “Starting today begin to observe yourself in action. Whether you conduct business, or work in the home, or talk with a neighbor,whatever you do, watch yourself doing it. Alert self-observation isyour first technique for self-awakening. Here is a specific example. Right now, as you are reading this,notice your physical self. What is… Read more »

…and we’re back! Yes, I did say Spring. I guess Mother Earth was confused there for a minute… or maybe I was hallucinating? No, I have the pictures to prove it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…scroll down to see the dramatic weather changes over the last few hours. Read more »

Spring? Ummm….did I just say blue sunny skies? Something just happened that give new meaning to the words “Freak Snowstorm”. One minute the sky was blue… and the next minute… I kid you not! I ran out into the parking lot to get these shots and was almost beaten to death with gigantic snowflakes! Read more »

It’s a bright sunny day in Miramichi. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and I think I just saw the Easter Bunny hopping by! Speaking of birds, I took some pretty cool pics this morning. Spring is definately in the air! Love is in the air too as many couples are now planning… Read more »

Big Dream Energy Yesterday I met with my writer’s workshop group and we had a good session. In other workplaces it would be probably be frowned upon if someone took off on Friday afternoon for completely selfish personal reasons like meeting with their creative writing group to work on their novel. But balance is very… Read more »

Living the Dream We’ve been having regular monthly meetings and personal development sessions at the office. Like so many of us working in the Mighty Community, I usually work from home. So this monthly session is a good opportunity to connect with all my co-workers from all over the province. It helps me to stay… Read more »

“A mature mind sees long-distance cause and effect. An immature mind sees only instant ego-gratification regardless of the consequences.” – Vernon Howard Read more »

You got it Joy! Molasses Bumbleeques… or however you spell it. Pronounced Bumbly Q’s. Some people also call them Snails. They are especially delicious served with baked beans, as pictured here. Read more »

Okay Miramichiers… who can tell me the name of this fine delicacy? Hint: They’re fluffy, fresh out of the oven, and packed with iron & vitamins! Read more »

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