Month: August 2004

By Giv'er Miramichi / August 7, 2004 /

Fierté acadienne dans le comté de Northumberland Visit any French community in the Maritimes this month, and you will see houses decorated as the one pictured below. I took this shot on Friday near Néguac during a sales appointment. Almost every house and business along the route had banners, signs, and elaborate decorations, displaying their…

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By Giv'er Miramichi / August 4, 2004 /

Thanks for the b’day party guys! What a lot of fun…and you surprised me too! I feel bad now because I thought everyone was slacking off…Maizie & Leslie took an extended lunch break (picking up the cake & stuff) and Stephanie was hanging around when I knew she had work to do elsewhere (waiting for…

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