Geri Mahoney Awarded Rotarian of the Year

 From left to right, Iris Sullivan (District Governor Elect), Wayne Wornes (Past District Governor), Geri Mahoney, and Jack Christie (Assistant District Governor).

From left to right, Iris Sullivan (District Governor Elect), Wayne Wornes (Past District Governor), Geri Mahoney, and Jack Christie (Assistant District Governor).

Geri Mahoney was recently awarded the prestigious PDG Frank Hussey Award, also known as the Rotarian of the Year award, for Rotary District 7810, which spans across northern Maine and New Brunswick. As many know, Geri is a sitting provincial court judge working here in Miramichi. Only one other member in the Rotary Club of Newcastle has ever received this award in the past. This annual award is presented to the Rotarian judged to have done the most to exemplify the ideal of “Service Above Self” during the current Rotary Year.

“Geri has been club president, as well as chairing one year of the the Fund Run, which raised over $50,000 the year she held the reins. In the nine year history of pond hockey, she was chairperson for seven years. Geri could be counted to be involved in any club project, from Music Festival to Purse Auction and points in between. Her leadership on projects inspires everyone to come to the table with their best effort. She does not micromanage, instead supporting the team around her, as well as pulling more workload than would be expected of a chairperson. Her ability to focus a group of type A’s and pseudo type A’s is masterful,” said Greg MacDiarmid, President.

Past President, Pat Perry said, “Geri Mahoney is one of those community leaders able to mobilize teams of fellow Rotarians and other citizens to ensure that our regional communities survive and thrive. As a prominent Rotarian, Geri has a long history of community leadership, coordinating teams of people and managing the logistics of a successful Rotary Spring Fest featuring Ribbers on the River. Geri has chaired this event for both year one and two. Geri picks her chairs of all the different aspects of the event and inspires them to success.

“Her contacts in the community bring in a wide range of volunteers to assist our small club of 31 members to create large events that bring financial success to both our club and community. One would think she would tire as chair of our largest and most successful events as she chaired our pond hockey event for seven of the nine years. Geri was at the helm when this event won a tourism award in 2009. She was also at the helm when the event was recognized by Communities in Bloom for the number of volunteers from the community to complete the event. This event raised in excess of a quarter of a million dollars for the club and ten times that for economic impact in the community.

“In challenging times we come to depend on those very few to lead the charge and make things happen. Geri Mahoney does just that. Her bias for action is contagious, and it is an honour and a privilege for fellow Rotarians and other citizens to contribute and promote the cause under her direction … To serve the community in the name of Rotary.”

The Rotary Club of Newcastle is very proud of Geri and thankful for her leadership. Congratulations!

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