I am Eggsistential Living


Alexandra Dottin with newborn baby chicks.

By Alexandra Dottin

When asked to complete an article for Giv’er Magazine there was no hesitation—“Yes!” flew out of my mouth without consideration of what would actually be written. After two months of contemplation pen was finally put to paper.

Existential adj – 1. of or relating to existence, esp. human existence. 2. of or relating to existentialism.

Existentialism n a philosophical movement stressing personal experience and responsibility of the individual, who is seen as a free agent.

The creation of the title Eggsistential Living was to acknowledge the fact that I started with laying hens (Eggs), more importantly that I recognize that I am a free agent and that I hold the key to my own happiness (Existential).


Charlotte is the first pig to join the roosters, chickens, ducks and turkeys that Alexandra is raising.

As a child, turkeys, meat kings and pigs were a staple as sustenance. A garden was grown each year. These experiences were instilled within my soul. Upon high school graduation I moved outside of my element believing that it was my calling. Don’t get me wrong, my adventures have led me to the place I am now with a beautiful family. After being away for seven years, life found me back at the home where I grew up. Once immersed in my original environment, thoughts of homesteading came to light. I began looking into our way of living, relying on large grocery chains to provide us with everything we need to survive. I realized that this is not the way it should be and if such behaviours continued our world would be for the lesser.

This adventure started with one White Silky Rooster and exploded the next year to many more. If you do not believe that chickens are an addiction I dare you to try only having one. The following years brought turkeys, ducks and a pig with hopes of growth until I am able to sustain our family on a one acre plot farm.


“If you do not believe that chickens are an addiction I dare you to try only having one.”

Waking up at 5:30 in the morning to care for what will provide my family with the energy to go about their day is much more rewarding than picking food off the shelf at a grocery store. The food that is created from the work of my two hands has the energy of love and care passed onto it from me each day. In the end, the good energy passed from me to our food will come full circle and be passed back my family.

So what is the meaning of Eggsistential Living?

  • I am a hippy and love all that is here on Earth;
  • I want to share nature and pass my knowledge to all natures children;
  • I want to eliminate the noise from my life;
  • I want to rid my life of negativity and be me.
  • I will succeed in my venture because I believe in what I am doing.

Every bit of growth that is obtained is due a vision that is becoming clearer every day. I do not have a solid plan of what is next or where the next growth is going to come from. I collect pallets, save money from sales of preserves, eggs and chaga that goes directly back to the growth of my one acre plot. What I do know is that my days are filled with meeting new awesome people, people who are interested in living the way I do, people who want change and I couldn’t ask for more.

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