Volunteer Opportunities with Hospice Miramichi

Becoming a hospice volunteer is a rewarding experience. Contact Connie Doucet at 773-7607 for more details and to arrange for an interview. The successful applicant may register for upcoming Volunteer training June 1st-June 2nd from 6-9:30 pm and June 3rd  from 9:30 am-4:30 pm. The training fee is $50.

Visit the Hospice Miramichi website at www.hospicemiramichi.com

About Hospice Miramichi

Hospice Miramichi was established in March 2011 and received its corporate status in July. The focus of hospice palliative care is on comfort, not cure and on life, not death. Hospice Miramichi seeks to raise the awareness of the unique needs of those living with life threatening illnesses where cure is not an option and medications are no longer controlling the condition. Hospice Miramichi works within the community to provide practical care and support for clients and families in their homes, in nursing homes, hospitals and residential care facilities (special care homes). Our volunteers are trained to provide practical and emotional support during the end stages of life and through the grieving process.

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