The 8 Types of Intelligence

Do you know the eight forms of intelligence? There are eight different types of intelligence. Each person has dominant forms of intelligence, and each type of intelligence is unique to certain people, depending on their personality, skills, and abilities. Moreover, if you are curious about your dominant intelligence, there are online tests and quizzes.

Linguistic:  This type of intelligence uses sounds. People are endowed with linguistic intelligence when they have the ability to use language to express themselves and understand others. Most people with this type of intelligence speak several languages, they do not want to limit themselves to the mother tongue. They love to speak different languages. Examples of professions: writer, poet, teacher, librarian, historian, journalist, lawyer, secretary, interpreter, etc.

Logical-mathematical: Problem solving, analysis, critical thinking, observation, logic are all characteristics related to this type of intelligence. This form of intelligence makes it possible to analyze causes or consequences, to make assumptions, to perform mathematical operations and to manipulate numbers. Examples of professions: accountant, doctor, researcher, scientist, computer scientist, engineer, economist, mathematician, etc.

Spatial: This form of intelligence is the ability to make a mental picture of things and visualize. People with this kind of intelligence love to build, invent, create, assemble and manufacture. They also work a lot with objects. Examples of professions: carpenter, inventor, fashion designer, architect, painter, sculptor, etc.

Intrapersonal:  A capacity for introspection, this form of intelligence makes it possible to analyze one’s own feelings, emotions and behaviors in order to better understand oneself. It’s about knowing your strengths, weaknesses and limitations, but also about being able to ask for help when you need it.  Examples of professions: philosopher, psychologist, therapist, entrepreneur, etc.


Interpersonal: An ability to maintain healthy relationships, to understand others, their motivations and their feelings. People with this kind of intelligence are mostly born leaders. They have the ability to influence, to help, and to teach.  Examples of professions: psychologist, therapist, social worker, politician, teacher, sociologist, nurse, etc.

Musical: This type of intelligence consists of thinking in rhythm and melodies. People with this form of intelligence are very sensitive to music. They understand music, they easily retain melodies, and they have the ability to create and express themselves through this form of art. Examples of professions: musician, singer, bandmaster, sound engineer, music critic, etc.

Bodily/Kinesthetic: An ability to use one’s body or parts of one’s body to perform tasks that require motor skills, to communicate, or to express emotions. People with this kind of intelligence learn by doing. Examples of professions: dancer, mechanic, carpenter, athlete, massage therapist, surgeon, actor, etc.

Naturalistic:  An ability to understand nature, to explain natural phenomena and to classify species, plants, and individuals. People with this type of intelligence have a great interest in ecology, environment, nature, and animals.  Examples of professions: botanist, veterinarian, meteorologist, zoologist, biologist, physicist, geologist, etc.

So there are the 8 forms of intelligence… you just have to determine your dominant intelligence!

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