The Friends of Île Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre Present: “Dessert Theatre: Tall & True”

The Friends of Île Beaubears Island Interpretive Centre are pleased to present: Dessert Theatre – Tall & True.

A five-art theatrical production charting the course of 6 Île Beaubears Island vessels, and what became of them after leaving Miramichi.

The Lovell’s Last Battle (1799): Action in the War of the 2nd Coalition against Napoleon

In Lament of Beaufort Castle (1828): A storm off the coast of Africa

An UnStandard Voyage (1852): A migration voyage from London to Adelaide

Horns to Hold One’s Halo (1865): Capt. George Pottinger , the Equator, and the Ocean Bride

The Sea Mew-tiny (1869): A high seas struggle on the way to New Zealand

All at the Miramichi Beaverbrook Kinsmen Centre, 100 Newcastle Boulevard in the Former Town of Newcastle from Friday, April 26th, 2019 to Sunday, April 28th, 2019.

Showtimes for all performances will be at 7 PM.

The proceeds of this event will benefit the Friends of Île Beaubears Island Summer Student Program and the 2020 Trip to Africa by local high school students.

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