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Gospel Concert

On Saturday evening, April 6th, 2019, beginning at 7 pm, come out the Théâtre Gilles Laplante at the Carrefour Communitaire Beausoleil, located in the former Town of Newcastle (Miramichi West), at 300 Beaverbrook Road for a Gospel Concert. for a Gospel Concert.

The proceeds from this Gospel Concert will be going towards a very worthy cause to be announced that evening!

Featured Entertainment of the Evening:

The following is the featured entertainment of the evening:

  • Julie and Edie Price
  • Saint Samuel’s Roman Catholic Church Folk Choir
  • Craig and Lori Curtis
  • Amber Walls
  • Ladies of the River
  • Saint Bridget’s Roman Catholic Church Choir
  • Jayda MacDonald
  • Danny Gillis
  • Greg Donovan
  • Donna and Tyrone Hubbard
  • Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church Folk Choir


Tickets are $15. each and are available at the following locations:

  • Creative Grounds Café – 156 Wellington Street, Chatham – Miramichi East, New Brunswick, E1N 1L9
  • Renous Convenience – 3179 Route 108 Highway, Renous, New Brunswick, E9E 2M2
  • Blackville Circle K Irving – 100 Main Street, Blackville, New Brunswick, E9B 1N8
  • The Village Family Restaurant – 235 Main Street, Doaktown, New Brunswick, E9C 1A9
  • Sunny Corner Irving – 1765 Route 425 Highway, Sunny Corner, New Brunswick, E9E 1J1

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