A Special Day For Carrefour Beausoleil Graduates

Danya Martin, 2020 Carrefour Beausoleil Graduate

On Friday June 5, Carrefour Beausoleil School celebrated their graduates in a very special way.

With the help of the Miramichi Police Force, the staff left the school at 12:30 to make their way to Warwick Settlement to surprise the first of their 14 graduates.

Appointments were set up secretly with their parents.

Led by Cst Neil Fitzgerald, and with the help of Deputy Chief Brian Cummings, the decorated convoy showed up with sirens and music blaring.

The grads were shocked , pleased, and overwhelmed. Many tears were shed.

Each graduate was met by the principal, Annie Breau, and vice-principal Gina Matheson, and gifted with a congratulatory lawn sign and personalized card.

The MPF was incredible. They thought about each and every intersection where traffic was stopped in order to allow the 25 plus cars to stay together all the way to the last stop in Loggieville.

We will be forever grateful for their time and effort. This event was a huge success thanks to them.

Our students will never forget! Our staff will never forget! Thank you!

– Gina Matheson

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