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Blackville and surrounding areas

                                                               where logs were run down the river from miles away to be
                                                               processed  in  the  early  1900's.  A  wood  carving  of  the
                                                               Dungarvon  Whooper  by  Kevin  Coughlan  stands  in  the
            Snuggled between two placid rivers, the Miramichi and  Blackville Municipal Park. The Dungarvon Whooper is a
        Bartholomew,  in  the  heart  of  New  Brunswick,  is  the  terrifying  tale  told  throughout  the  province,  involving  a
        picturesque little village of Blackville. With a population of  young man working as a cook in a lumber camp who met an
        just under a thousand residents, Blackville is an access point  untimely  demise.   According  to  legend,  the  man's  ghost
        to an extensive snowmobile and ATV trail system and also  makes a loud whooping noise each night in the dense forest
        boasts a beautiful municipal park – home to many local  surrounding the village.
        events.                                                    Blackville’s  sign  proudly  declares  that  you  are  now
            With walking trails, splashpad, a playground, picnic area,  entering the “Salmon Fishing Capital of the Miramichi”.
        boat launch and an observation deck, the park is located in  Seven Atlantic salmon fishing rivers exist within 15 miles of
        the centre of the village on the site of the first lumber mill,  the  village. There  are  numerous  privately-owned  fishing

                                                                      Enjoying the view at Gallan’s Miramichi River Tubing

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