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        Beaubears Island

            This year, the doors of the Beaubears Island Interpretive  the Age of the Dinosaurs, and a unique ecosystem that is
        Centre open on May 21, for a season full of memorable  home to over 350 different varieties of vascular plants.
        moments.  Since  2016,  more  than  52,000  guests  have   Finally, our “Tours Through Time” historic journey
        participated  in  programming  provided  by  the  Friends  of  makes history come alive daily at 2pm from July 2 – August
        Beaubears Island Inc.                                  23.  This year, our characters will take you on a personal
            Each  of  our  regular  daily  offerings  make  use  of  the  journey through the past.  Hear the anguished cry of the
        Island’s restored historic trails, over 6km of natural routes,  Acadians, bowed but unbroken in their struggle to survive.
        which follow the perimeter of the Island and cut through its  Visit with Scottish settler William Davidson, fighting to
        forested interior.  Daily ferry services begin on June 24,  retain his business interests in the midst of war.  Converse
        providing plenty of access to the tranquil majesty among the  with island residents about the fate of the shipyard, and the
        sentinel pines. Marvel at the undisturbed splendour of your  vessels that it produced.  You can bet that this year, the stories
        surroundings, while you walk or jog amidst pristine beauty,  will be so engaging that you might find yourself with a part
        or take some time to reflect and look inward, aided by the  to play as well.
        quiet serenity of your surroundings.
            Join a guide for a 45-minute tour of the Island, daily  2019 Events
        from  June  24-Sept  27,  and  hear  the  stories  of  the  many
        communities which called the Island home for centuries.  July 6: Annual Island Picnic
         Hear the harrowing story of the Acadian Expulsion, of Camp  July 13: Graveyard Tour at at Wilson’s Point
        D’Ésperance, and of the great tragedy that followed.  As you  July 20: Parks Canada Day
        look on the last vestiges of the Island’s shipyard, take a  July 27-28: Re-Enactment Weekend
        moment to step back in time when the sound of auger, saw,  Aug. 11: Campfire Night
        and file were heard plainly among the pines.             Aug. 17: Beaubears by Night
            The  26-foot  Voyageur  Canoe “Sipu”,  and  20-ft    Aug. 24: Tours All Day
        “Miramichi” canoe will be on the water daily in July and  Sept. 28: Interpretive Centre Closes For 2019 Season
        August, and by prearranged booking in June and September.  Oct.  26: Graveyard Walk at the Wilson’s Point Site
         Experience the river, alongside our trained guides, from the
        unique vantage of the canoe., or strike out alongside them in  For more information on tours, and other events during
        a kayak.  These three-hour outings speak to the history of  the summer, call the Interpretive Centre at 506-622-8526 or
        riverfront  properties,  and  give  a  new  perspective  on  the  visit
        Island, noting geology that dates to 150 million years before

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