Page 10 - Giv'er Miramichi Magazine - Winter Issue 2022
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(continued from pg. 8)  Interest  in  my  prints  has  been  very  want to become a better painter. That is always my number
        encouraging, so I hope to explore that more. Also, a recent  one goal. Painting helps me to see the beauty in the things
        auction of a snowy owl painting (cover image) I did for the  we tend to take for granted... and now, more than ever, we
        Atlantic Wildlife Institute in Cookville brought in funds to  need to look for the beauty in this world.
        help  in  the  care  of  four  snowy  owls.  That  was  a  very  Anne's work can be found on her website: anne-maloney-
        rewarding experience that I'd like to do again. Ultimately, I as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

                                                                            Open Water - Red-breasted Mergansers
                                                                            Painting by Anne Maloney Assaff

   10        Winter 2022
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