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Seaman’s Hospital Events and Updates
                                                               Quilt Raffle to raise funds for our Heritage Building. To
                                                               purchase  tickets,  leave  a
                                                               message at 778-2349 or on
                                                               our Facebook page.  We will
                                                               get back to you to arrange
                                                               ticket  distribution.  Tickets
                                                               are $2 each or 3 for $5. The
                                                               draw will be July 1st, 2022.
                                                               Here is a photo of the prize:
                                                               a queen size bed quilt called
            The     Annual     Great
        Chocolate  Walk  returns  this                         Labyrinth Walk.
        year  from  Feb  7th  to  14th.                        Private Quilt Shopping - If you need to buy a gift for a
        Presented by Historic Chatham                          wedding,  a  new  baby,  a  birthday,  for  a  child  leaving  for
        Business District, it features the                     college, or for yourself, consider buying a cozy locally made
        Lover's  Lane  Water  Street                           quilt. The Seamen's Hospital Craft Group will arrange a
        nightly drive thru with large red                      private showing to help you select a quilt. Let us know what
        hearts illuminated on the light                        you would like to look at (baby quilt, wedding gift, etc.), the
        poles.                                                 size and colours, and we’ll select quilts for you to view at
            There will be specials and                         your convenience. No crowds, no parking problems and no
        discounts offered at the shops                         pressure! Leave a message with your name and tel. number
        and  of  course,  delicious  free                      at 778-2349 or on our Facebook page.
        samples  of  milk,  dark,  and
        white chocolate.                                       Seamen's Hospital Craft Group - As soon as it is permitted,
                                                  Bonnie Coughlan  we will meet again on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 until
            Park  your  car  and  take  a
        stroll down Water Street to see what local business owners  about 3 pm, at the Seamen's Hospital. Bring your project,
        have to offer, and you’re sure to find something to satisfy  lunch, $3 for dues and "inside" shoes now that winter is here.
        your sweet tooth!                                      Also bring enthusiasm, curiosity and a positive attitude!

                             Join the Miramichi Branch         Mary Anne Riordon Barry.  Mary Anne is a retired teacher
                             of  the  New  Brunswick           from the Miramichi area and currently resides in Pokeshaw
                                                               (on the Irish coast of NB).  Her focus is on both history and
                             Genealogical Society
                                                               genealogy  and  she  has  visited  Ireland  eight  times  and
                                                               Scotland five times.
                             Upcoming Meeting Topics
                             (currently meeting online via Zoom)   Become a Member
                                                                   With  a  membership  you  have
        February 22 - Navigating the Anglican Registers.       access  to  NBGS  Generations
        Our guest presenter will be Daphne Wetmore.  Daphne is the  magazine,  the  Miramichi  branch
        Vice President of NBGS, secretary of Saint John Branch and  newsletter, and access to exclusive
        was a driving force behind the Registers project.  She will  content and records on the website
        give the history of the project and show us how to utilize this  and at the Chatham Library. Access
        valuable on-line resource in our research.             to other members of the branch and
                                                               their experience and knowledge of
        March 22 - The Complexity of Searching Your Roots in   local genealogy is invaluable. The individual membership fee
        Ireland (esp. Cork) - Including References to Historical  is  $40/year.  For  more  information  visit  the  website  at
        Events/Search Sites in Ireland.  Our guest presenter will be

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