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March Morning, South Barnaby
          Painting by Anne Maloney Assaff

                                       Anne Maloney Assaff

                                       Painting the Beauty Around Her

                                       Contributed Article

            Miramichi artist Anne Maloney Assaff hesitates to call  What do you hope your art achieves?
        herself a self-taught artist. While she hasn't had formal art  I just want people to feel good. I hope it invokes a good
        training, she has long been an avid student of art books and  memory, or a desire to get outside and appreciate nature. My
        videos. "I don't want to ever stop learning. Painting is a skill  hope is for people to realize that painting is not a magic trick
        like any other and can be learned. Once you understand the  that only a select few know how to do. It is accessible to
        fundamentals, you're free to allow your personality to come  everyone. All you need is the interest and the willingness to
        through so it becomes a rich form of self-expression."  learn.
            She has used that approach in teaching art lessons at
        Boys and Girls Club, and in local schools and also in giving  What are your artistic goals?
        lessons to adults.                                         I'm  working  on  some  paintings  for  another  exhibit,
                                                               hopefully in the not-too-distant future. (continued on pg. 10)
        How long have you been creating art?
            Since I was old enough to hold a crayon. For awhile, I
        was more interested in writing poems and stories, but it all
        comes from the same place. I've always had the need to create

        What medium do you work in?
            I paint in acrylics. It is a very versatile medium.

        What inspires you most?
            As  with  most  realism  artists,  it's  the  light...  how  it
        transforms a scene, sets a mood. Many of my recent paintings
        are  scenes  around  Barnaby  River,  where  I  grew  up.  I'm
        inspired by the changing of the seasons, spending time in
        nature and having opportunities to see wildlife...whether it's
        the more common moose or a rare snowy owl. I paint what
        I've experienced firsthand.
                                                               Anne painted this Snowy Owl, which is also featured on our cover,
                                                               for the Atlantic Wildlife Institute in Cookville to raise funds.

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