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Above: A Peregrine Falcon was seen in Miramichi. This is the first time  Above: A Red Crossbill, an infrequent visitor to this area,
        in 50 years that a Peregrine Falcon was recorded during the CBC count  was recorded in the Red Bank/Sunny Corner CBC. Photo by
        period. Photo by Phil Riebel.                              Peter Gadd.

        Above: A Turkey Vulture was observed during the count week of the Red Bank/Sunny  Above: A flock of 700 Bohemian Waxwings
        Corner CBC; an unusual sighting in mid-December. Photo by Phil Riebel.   was seen in Miramichi. Photo by Phil Riebel.

        Goldfinch and White-winged Crossbills. A special sighting  was Black-capped Chickadee, our provincial bird and known
        on the Red Bank/Sunny Corner CBC was a Red Crossbill.  to everyone. It’s lesser-known cousin, the Boreal Chickadee,
        Although Red Crossbills aren’t considered a rare bird, they  was  observed  during  the  count  period  on  the  New
        aren’t seen as frequently as White-winged Crossbills. Purple  Jersey/Neguac CBC.
        Finches were quite numerous on the Red Bank/Sunny Corner   Even though it’s winter, there are still lots of beautiful
        CBC  as  well.  Much  less  common  than  Purple  Finch  are  winter birds around to appreciate. The full results of the
        House  Finch -  a  group  of  four  House  Finch  have  been  counts can be found on the Nature Miramichi website at:
        visiting a feeder in the Newcastle area, a special sighting
        indeed.                                                counts.
            A Turkey Vulture was observed during the count week    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Christmas
        of the Red Bank/Sunny Corner CBC. Turkey Vultures are  Bird Counts!
        becoming a common sighting here during the spring, summer  Nature Miramichi meets the first Tuesday of each
        and fall, but seeing one in mid-December is unusual for this  month at 6:30 pm. Our meetings are via Zoom at present –
        area.                                                  check out our Facebook page for a list of upcoming speakers
            One of the most common species seen on all three CBCs  – everyone is welcome!

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