Page 6 - Giv'er Miramichi Magazine - Winter Issue 2022
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Recipe for a City

        While sitting here somewhat depressed                  Loggieville was next to go
        When day was at its start                              Into my mixing bowl
        Pondering my lack of skills                            And then I added Douglasfield
        In culinary art                                        To give it heart and soul

        I thought it would be nice, just once                  Taintville for its spirit
        For all the world to see                               Was next into my pot
        In every cookbook in this world                        I needed spice so Chatham Head
        My very own recipe                                     Was next into the lot

        I racked my brain for quite some time                  I needed lots of beauty
        While gnawing at my toast                              So I threw in CFB
        Alas! A recipe for a city                              And when I needed sunshine
        Was what we needed most                                I added Nelson-Miramichi

        I left my place of leisure                             Moorefield Road was needed
        To the kitchen I did stroll                            For a little charm and taste
        And added these ingredients                            And the crisp clean air of Ferry Road

        Into my mixing bowl                                    Was much too good to waste

        First a touch of Chatham                               Nordin went next for beauty
        I threw in quite a lot                                 Into my work of love
        Then I added Newcastle                                 And Douglastown for body
        To my culinary pot                                     For all of the above

        I sprinkled in some Bushville                          All blended well together
        To blend the two above                                 For all the world to see
        Unfolding right before my eyes                         A recipe for paradise
        A recipe of love                                       The City of Miramichi

                                                               By Gabe LaPointe

                                                                                          Centennial Bridge in Miramichi
                                                                                                 Photo by Gihyon Lee.
   6        Winter 2022
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