Giv’er Miramichi is about:

What’s up, what’s new, what’s happening

  • focused on building people up
  • supporting one another
  • celebrating our successes

Giv’er is about enjoying your day, giving it your all, putting some muscle behind it, giving it some gas, all the while staying true to good Miramichi values.

Giv’er Miramichi is a full colour glossy print magazine published by Mighty Miramichi, a division of MCG Media. The Giv’er Miramichi website is an extension of the Mighty Miramichi community portal.

Our collaborative mindset is contagious. Send us your good stuff to talk about on the river! We’re looking for events, stories, celebrations, pictures and video links about what’s up, what’s new, what’s happening.  Keep it clean, keep it positive, and we’ll promote it .

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