Miramichi Fishing Report

Closed Morning Fishing on the Miramichi River Starting August 18, 2021

By Miramichi Salmon Association / August 19, 2021 /

Please be informed that due to the warm water temperatures on the Miramichi River system, starting tomorrow August 18, 2021, angling for all species of fish will be closed, including the Northwest Miramichi River, the Little Southwest Miramichi River, the Big Sevogle River, the Main Southwest Miramichi River, Rocky Brook, Clearwater Brook, the Renous River,…

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Miramichi Salmon Blog – July 31, 2021

By Brad Burns / August 9, 2021 /

Fishing for Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi in 2021 continues to be good.  Fishing reports from up and down the river are uniformly upbeat. Photo from Marc D’Astous Eddie Colford, head guide BBSC with another nice salmon from this great pool. Eddie Colford of the Black Brook Salmon Club said that fishing there had been…

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Miramichi Salmon Blog – Winter Begins

By Brad Burns / December 17, 2020 /

  Mahoney Brook camp 12/7/2020 photo Jason Curtis The activity, including the just plain chatter, that normally accompanies Miramichi fall salmon fishing was the quietest during 2020 that I can remember.  Certainly a lot of that has to do with Covid and the lack of non-resident anglers.  Normally the fly shops in Doaktown and Blackville…

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Miramichi Season Ending Blog October 17

By Brad Burns / October 20, 2020 /

  Karl Furlaga, fishing out of Country Haven, caught this beautiful, bright salmon in the rising water during the closing days of the 2020 Miramichi season. On October 15th the remainder of the Miramichi River system closed to fishing for the year – the headwaters closed on September 30.  There are bodies of water like…

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Miramichi Salmon Fishing October 7th 

By Giv'er Miramichi / October 9, 2020 /

  Low water at the Brophy Pool on the Cains, but a beautiful view.   Accomplished female salmon angler Deirdre Green had a great few days recently at Country Haven taking a number of fish from several different pools. Two fishing friends e-mailed me in the last couple of days, and each said the same…

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Teddy’s Eve Atlantic Salmon Blog

By Brad Burns / September 29, 2020 /

Teddy’s rain band covering eastern NB at 7:00 Atlantic time. Tonight the remnants of Hurricane Teddy are bringing high winds and desperately needed rain to the Miramichi valley.  It doesn’t sound like there will be a major raise of water though.  First, the rain is falling largely over the Eastern portions and not the much…

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On the Cusp

By Brad Burns / August 22, 2020 /

We are up to our neck in ripe tomatoes, eating our first garden corn, and  I needed to put on a jacket to have my first cup of coffee outdoors a day or two ago.  This is that wonderful time of the year when it is still summer, but the first feelings of fall are…

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Dog Days Miramichi Salmon Report

By Giv'er Miramichi / August 8, 2020 /

  Fresh as a daisy…caught near the mouth of the SW Miramichi by Steve Smith on a dry fly. Note the digital scale attached to the net. Over the last week there has been more or less a cessation of Atlantic salmon angling on at least the lower end of the Miramichi.  The water hasn’t…

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July Miramichi Salmon Report

By Giv'er Miramichi / July 21, 2020 /

Country Haven anglers with Miramichi double header on salmon. Fishing Friends – July 11/2020 – there are a number of new and ongoing Atlantic salmon news items available regarding the Miramichi, but none more noteworthy than the surprisingly robust run of Atlantic salmon – grilse especially – that is taking place on the Southwest Miramichi…

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July 14th Miramichi Salmon Short Report Barriers and Gill Nets

By Giv'er Miramichi / July 17, 2020 /

Fishing Friends: I promised an update on the latest Barrier counts as soon as available, and we got them today.  Frankly after the numbers of fish reported running up the SW Miramichi, and the good fishing that has taken place, I thought the Dungarvon might well take a huge jump.  It didn’t, but it did…

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Late June Salmon News

By Giv'er Miramichi / June 29, 2020 /

  The photos with this post are a pleasant reflection on June salmon fishing in 2004.  This hen was roughly measured at 49 inches, and is still my largest fish from the SWM.   Tim Politis and Kal Kotkas with Willy Bacso long before Covid 19. Fishing Friends – what a crazy month June has been. …

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Miramichi Bright Salmon Watch and Spring Wrap Up for the Miramichi

By Brad Burns / June 1, 2020 /

Fishing Friends Tyler Coughlin of Country Haven with a very well-mended kelt. As of May 25th I have neither seen nor heard of a bright salmon yet on the Miramichi, but that is by no means unusual. Miramichi angler Bob Bowser e-mailed me that a friend of his had fished the NW Miramichi daily for…

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Surprise! Miramichi Salmon Fishing Begins Early

By Brad Burns / April 29, 2020 /

Jason Curtis’s Britanny pup Lattie watches him bring in a grilse on the SW Miramichi. Campbell’s Pool is in sight just downriver. Country Haven’s website says that this fish was caught within five minutes of beginning to fish by Larissa Bryenton. The start of the Atlantic salmon fishing season in New Brunswick, normally scheduled for…

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