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Spring 2024

  • MVHS Drama Club to Perform in Scotland
  • Seed Sharing Potluck
  • Surprising Finds at the Library
  • Aviation Discovery Day
  • All that Remains – W.S. Loggie Pt. 2
  • Miramichi Senior Sawdustmakers
  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Miramichi
  • Dementia Clinic in Miramichi
  • Play Kitty Kash to support SPCA
  • MGSAR – Project Lifesaver
  • Ludovic Dufort – MHL Player of the Year
  • A River Runs Through It: Photo Essay
  • Take Giv’er on Vacation, Contest Winners
  • Why Sacred Medicines are Important
  • CMHA Programs and Services in Miramichi
  • Miramichi Kindness & Goodwill

Christmas 2023

  • Scenes from the First Christmas, Tableau Vivant
  • Christmas to Remember in Memory of Gerry Cormier
  • A Hidden Gem, Tea and Concert
  • The Portrait of a Soldier, Poem
  • Tick Tock – Cindy Lou’s Corner
  • The Newcastle Farmer’s Market’s 47-Year Journey
  • Nature’s Candid Camera: Miramichi Wildlife
  • MGSAR – The Lost Person’s Behaviour
  • Recipe for Fruitcake Cookies
  • Local Books Make Great Gift Ideas
  • Angels Remembered – Hospice Miramichi
  • Here’s to Your Health at MCCSC
  • David Ernest Hutchison: A Great Miramichi Benefactor
  • Robbie Tucker Releases 4th Album this Past Year.
  • Miramichi Garden Club Photo Contest
  • Bay du Vin Wharf – A Local Meeting Place
  • Urban Wildlife Photos
  • Saint Paul’s Anglican Church 200th Anniversary
  • Miramichi Quilt Guild 1st Place Quilt
  • Christmas Colouring Page

Short Stories

  • Santa’s Gift to Tom
  • John and the Old Army Boot
  • The First Gift of Christmas
  • It Always Snowed on Christmas Eve: Memories of a Christmas Past
  • Homemade Holidays: When I was a Young Lad
  • The Spruce

Fall 2023

  • The Great Miramichi Haggis Hunt and Fall Fair
  • Dare the Dark: Halloween Horror at the Cove
  • Graveyard Walk at Wilson’s Point
  • Madness at the Manse
  • A Family’s Shared Passion: A Love of Painting
  • The F Words… Faith and Fear
  • Miramichi Curling Club – Everyone is Welcome
  • Pickleball in Miramichi
  • The Miramichi-A Shipbuilding Legacy
  • PALS Camp – Fun, Sports and Reading for Kids
  • Josie Foundation Annual Dinner
  • Here We Grow Again
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Photo submissions, events, classifieds and more!

Harvest 2023

  • Celebrating Aviation History: NB Aviation Museum in Miramichi
  • Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue: Search Dogs
  • Blueberry and Cranberry Scones Recipe
  • Quilt & Craft Show: Sept 29-30
  • Fall Activities at the Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club
  • Toastmasters Miramichi Celebrating 50 Years
  • Volunteer as a Guider, It’s Worth Your Time
  • Lesson Learned, A Personal Essay
  • Baby Barn Draw to Support SPCA
  • Book Review of Standing on Neptune
  • Age, MS, and a Fishing Rod, A Personal Essay
  • BPSA Traditional Scouting
  • Miramichi Timberwolves September Games
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Photo submissions, events, classifieds and more!

Summer 2023

  • Girls on Boards MiramichiSPCA – Faithful Friends Initiative
  • Salute to Canada Featuring Miramichi Fiddlers – June 30
  • Dare the Dark Returns with the Headless Nun Experience
  • 66th Annual Miramichi Folksong Festival
  • Wilson’s Point and Beaubears Island Summer Events and Programs
  • Find the Money, Find Me – Cindy Lou’s Corner
  • Creating Art with Plein Air Miramichi
  • An Invitation to Join Nature Miramichi
  • Book Review of the Final Book of the Miramichi Lads & Ladies Series
  • Miramichi Slammin’ Salmon Rugby Club
  • Meet the Scrounger – MGSAR
  • Middle School Poetry Contest Winners
  • Book Review: Death Between the Decks by Alexa Bowie
  • Robbie Tucker’s Latest Creation, The Glitch
  • Summer Tai Chi Classes at Ritchie Wharf

Spring 2023

  • SPCA Raising Funds for Veterinary Care
  • Character Matters Miramichi presents, Mullin’s Boom 
  • Halfway House Miramichi – Dessert Theatre
  • The Creative Journey of Local Artist, Gerard Godin
  • Exploring the World of Warblers
  • Local Skateboarders Featured in TV Series
  • Live and Let Live, Cindy Lou’s Corner
  • Beaubears Island 2023 Events and Tours
  • Learning about the Newcastle Duplicate Bridge Club
  • Final Book of the Miramichi Lads & Ladies Series
  • Two Miramichi Athletes Compete at Canada Winter Games
  • Crafting a Fulfilling Retirement – Senior Sawdustmakers
  • Poetry Contest for Middle School
  • Greg Morris: A True Ironman
  • Robbie Tucker Takes on the RPM Challenge with New Album
  • Photo submissions, events, classifieds and more!

Winter 2023

  • Local Boy, Thomas Duplessie, on the Big Stage
  • All That Remains: Featuring J.B. Snowball
  • Your Words Have Power – Miramichi Literacy Council
  • Cindy Lou’s Corner – What’s Wrong With Me?
  • Miramichi Art Core – New Art Exhibit
  • Northumberland County Winter Birds
  • Strathcona Cup 2023
  • Beaubears Island Upcoming Events
  • Poem: Heavenly Messages
  • Meet Madame President – MGSAR
  • River Jams – Music on the River
  • Colouring Pages Submissions
  • A Successful Year for Corcoran Entertainment
  • Photo submissions, events, classifieds and more!

Christmas 2022

  • Kitty Kash – Support the Rescue and Care of Animals
  • Stayin’ Alive – Winter Survival Strategies of Birds
  • Poem – Where is Heaven Does Anybody Know?
  • Corned Beef Hash – Christmas Vignette
  • Robbie Tucker Releases New Folk-Rock Album
  • Mrs. Murphy-O’Malley’s Christmas
  • The Hay Babies, Indi-folk group.
  • Cindy Lou’s Corner – Doing What You Love
  • Welcome to Miramichi – 1955 to 2022
  • The Tardy Boys Mystery.
  • Dessert Theatre – A Baby Changes Everything
  • Dark Fruit Cake – Recipe for Beginners
  • Find Joy in the Snow at the Ski Club
  • Kelsey’s Book Review – ARM Book Nook
  • Photos, Events, Games, Colouring Page, and more!

Fall 2022

  • Remembrance Dinner Theatre & Song
  • Dare the Dark – The Headless Nun
  • Golf Ball Drop Festival
  • Miramichi Historical Society Fall Programs
  • Miramichi Timberwolves Present a Positive Outlook for the Future
  • What’s New with Lisa Leblanc?
  • Online Farmers Marketplace is Officially Launched
  • Cindy Lou’s Corner – Life’s Trifecta
  • The Hidden Live Theatre Secret in Miramichi
  • Welcome to Ukrainian Day
  • The Salvation Army in Miramichi – Opportunities to Give
  • What is your Favourite Thing about Fall?
  • Apple Pie Fundraiser, Miramichi Zombie Walk, events, photos and more!

Harvest 2022

  • Comedic Play – Mrs. Murphy-O’Malley’s High School Reunion
  • Summer Activity at Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club
  • Miramichi’s Online Farmer’s Market
  • Exploring the Gong as a Powerful Healing Tool
  • Interview with Young Author, Athena Rose
  • Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue, Maintaining Peak Performance
  • A Special Musician to Discover – Marc à Paul à Jos
  • Cindy Lou’s Corner, Appreciation and Joy
  • Miramichi Hospital School of Nursing Graduation Class of 1972
  • Miramichi Supports Ukraine
  • Billet Families Play an Essential Role in the Miramichi Timberwolves Hockey Club
  • Jamie Keays Awarded 2021-22 MHL Moe Bent Builders Award
  • What Does a Life Coach do?

Summer 2022

  • Miramichi Folksong Festival New Director
  • Beaubears Island Summer Programs
  • Miramichi Scottish Festival
  • Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue – How a Search Starts
  • A Young Gem and Jewellery Artist
  • Memories of Harkins, Reunion 2022
  • Cindy Lou’s Corner – Emotions and Perceptions
  • Equine Massage Therapy
  • The Very Best Toastmasters Club

Spring 2022

  • Try Fresh for Less and Get More!
  • Million Meals Campaign Update
  • Author, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Guide, Kimberley Doucette
  • One Hundred Years: A Brief History of the North Shore Regiment
  • Providing Homes for Our Feathered Friends
  • Amazing Black Atlantic Canadians – Book Review
  • Miramichi Playwright Finds Laughter is the Best Medicine
  • New Experiences for 2022 at Beaubears Island
  • Big Impact on Cyber Security
  • Local Entertainment Podcast
  • Miramichi Power and Sail Squadron

Winter 2022

  • Coldest Night of the Year, Miramichi Youth House
  • Recipe for a City, poem by Gabe LaPointe
  • Anne Maloney Assaff – Painting the Beauty Around Her
  • 50th Year for Miramichi Christmas Bird Counts
  • What’s in a Word?, Hospice Miramichi
  • Million Meals Campaign Comes to the Miramichi Region
  • Free Ski and Snowshoe Rentals this Winter, MCCSC
  • Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association
  • And lots of beautiful photos of scenery and wildlife.

Christmas 2021

  • Opportunities to Give at the Salvation Army
  • Snow Buntings, poem by Sonya Hinds
  • Three Dog Distilling – 1 Year Anniversary
  • The William Murray Project, Miramichi Historical Society
  • Parkland: The Art of Friendship
  • Miramichi Author Nathan DeLong Releases New Book
  • Oil Painting Class, Beginners Welcome
  • How I Became Addicted to Stained Glass
  • Wishbook, song lyrics by Robbie Tucker

Fall 2021

  • NB Country Music Hall of Fame
  • A Walk Through Time
  • Tips from a Reluctant (at first) Meditator
  • Living Dearly in Miramichi
  • Favourite Nature Walks
  • What We Can’t See in Nature
  • Miramichi Lads & Ladies (Book 2) Book Review
  • Why Start a Craft Distillery?
  • Bird Spell, A Novel by Valerie Sherrard
    …photos, events and so much more!

Harvest 2021

  • ARM Medical Equipment – Supports Autism
  • I am an Old Soul with Good Bones – Darlene’s Country Cottage
  • Monarch Butterflies Visiting Miramichi
  • Breathing New Life in the Old Courthouse
  • Miramichi Senior Sawdustmakers, Women Wood Carvers
  • Miramichi Shooting Sports
  • Ground Search & Rescue, Women in Action
  • Take a Book, Leave a Book – Tiny Library in Blackville
    …photos, events and so much more!

Summer 2021

  • Robbie Tucker Builds a Time Machine to Meet the Beatles
  • The Stars are Aligning – Discovering Astronomy
  • Exercise for Couples: The Ying and Yang of Qi Gong and Tai Chi
  • Celebrating 175 Years, St. Michael’s Museum Building
  • Girls on Boards – Paddle Boarding
  • Miramichi Senior Sawdustmakers, A Match Made in Heaven
  • Literacy Changes Lives
  • Mill Cove Coffee – A Business Profile
  • Protecting our Feathered Friends from Hitting Windows.
    …photos, events and so much more!

Spring 2021

  • Beaubears Island Online Speaker Series
  • NB Aviation Museum on the Miramichi?
  • Book Review of Her Irish Boyfriend by Chuck Bowie
  • Crossing the Bridge, personal essay by Tammy Savoie
  • Expanding our Good Food Conversation, Action and Access
  • Awaiting the Return of Those Tiny Birds
  • Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue in Action
  • New Carving Classes: Miramichi Senior Sawdust Makers
  • Hospice Miramichi’s She Shed Raffle Returns
  • Quilt donations, photos, events and more!

Winter 2021

  • Tips for Building Your Own Rink
  • One Dress and a Royal Visit by Miramichi Historical Society
  • Talking About Dementia – The Alzheimer Society
  • Great Diversity of Birds Found During Christmas Bird Count
  • Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club
  • Easy Ways to Eat More Plants This Year
  • Miramichi Ground Search and Rescue in Action
  • Fat Biking at French Fort Cove
  • The War Amps Key Tag Service Celebrates 75 Years.
    … and more!

Christmas 2020

  • The Miramichi Fire – A History
  • Stay Fit this Winter – Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club
  • Tis the Season…To Give a Garden Gift
  • Walking Tour of Historic Nelson
  • Aunt Kay’s Memories of Growing up in a Simpler Time
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Mighty Miramichi
  • Read about Miramichi Archery Club and White Caps Swim Club
  • Splash of Greens, A New Way to Be Healthy
  • Yorkshire Lass: An English War Bride’s Story
    … and more!

Fall 2020

  • Miramichi Dog Authors “Pawsitive” Book
  • Do you have a Story of a Miramichi Veteran?
  • My Father’s Office: Remembering Donald Sutherland Creaghan
  • Creating a Food Forest? … Say what?
  • New Books by Miramichi Authors
  • Salvation Army – Ways to Give at Christmas
  • Miramichi Marsh – A Birding Hotspot
  • Painting Life in a Positive Light While Living with Asperger’s
    … and more!

Harvest 2020

  • A Message to 2020 Graduates
  • Meet Local Artist Brandi Firlotte
  • Shorebirds in Miramichi
  • Qi Gong: Yoga Without the Mat
  • Why Improv for Anxiety
  • Miramichi Counselling Centre
  • Pickles and Piccalilli Recipes
  • Friends of Beaubears Island Looking for New Members
    … and more!

Spring 2020

  • Simply for Life – Helping People Look and Feel Amazing
  • Book Review: Miramichi Lads & Ladies
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong – Staying Fit While Standing in Place
  • Ashley Hallihan, Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs at BHS
  • Meet Bruce Harrison, Artisan Knot ‘n Butt Wood
  • Allan J. Ritchie and the Ritchie Wharf
  • Jerrica Manderville, On Finding Her Voice
  • Hospice Miramichi – Online Info Session
  • Miramichi Speedway 2020 Schedule… and more!

Winter 2020

  • How the Nordin Rink Came Back to Life
  • Miramichi BPSA Scouting Group
  • Over the Hills and Far Away – Local Fiction
  • Miramichi Historical Society – 61 Years of Preserving History
  • Remembering the Church River Credit Union
  • Local Colour: Paintings of Life in NB by Anne Maloney Assaff
  • Beaubears Island Popular Speaker Series Returns
  • Hospice Miramichi – Offering Support from New Location
  • VoxxLife Wellness and Performance Products

Fall 2019

  • D-Day Remembered – Dinner Theatre & Song
  • Christoper Doiron Pottery Studio
  • Miramichi Salvation Army – Giving Hope at Christmas
  • Zombie Walk
  • Fall Theatre, Adventures and Ghosts with Beaubears Island
  • The Success of “I Wrote a Thing”
  • “Everything in This House Breaks” Book Review
  • Come Join the Club in Miramichi
  • Jimmy MacKinley, New Stand-up Comedy Shows

Early Fall 2019

  • Country Cousins Square Dance Club
  • NBGS Miramichi – Helping Visitors Search their Roots
  • CIBC Run for the Cure Featured Survivor Joyce Tucker Shares her Story
  • Visit Beaubears Island and Wilson’s Point
  • BBBS-BGC Making an Impact on Children’s Lives
  • Trail Cameras North of Miramichi
  • Recipe for Green Tomato Chow Chow
  • Divine Medispa – Working on Wellness
  • Downtown Music Festival

Summer 2019

  • Camp Sheldrake – Building Leaders for 20 Years
  • Miramichi to Host National Men’s Baseball Championship
  • Remembering the Summer of 1685
  • Cradle to Career Miramichi
  • Sawdust Makers in Action
  • The Great Trees of NB Book Review
  • Boys and Girls Club – A Positive Place for Kids
  • Meet the Miramichi Rug Hookers
  • Miramichi Literary Trail Launched, and so much more!

Spring 2019

  • Exploring Mi’kmaq Culture at Gretna Green School
  • Tall & True: Theatrical Production by Beaubears Island Players
  • Thank you from Rotary Club of Newcastle
  • Mary’s Tips & Tricks for Your Hair
  • Miramichi Art Core Upcoming Events
  • Friends of Seamen’s Hospital Craft Group
  • SNAP – Stop Now and Plan
  • Miramichi Relay for Life
  • Horizon Health Harmonies for Haiti

Winter 2019

  • Raising Chickens for Beginners
  • The Miramichi Reader reviews Raymond Fraser’s last book, Through Sunlight and Shadows
  • Mary’s Tips and Tricks for Your Hair
  • A Recipe for Greek Butter Cookies – Kourabiedes
  • The Hospice Shoppe, Five Wonderful Years and Counting
  • Beaubear’s Island Speaker Series for February
  • The Free Community Library in Blackville
  • Activities at the Chatham Public Library for February and March.

Christmas 2018

  • Wings of Change Miramichi – Support for First Responders
  • Miramichi Athletes to Represent Canada at the Dance World Cup!
  • What you may not know about Canadian Diamonds and Gold
  • How an Angel Changed by Life
  • A Mother’s Struggle – A humorous personal essay.
  • Old Fashioned Cooking with Darlene – Crunchy Oatmeal Coconut Cookies
  • Christmas Decorating Tips – Is your home ready?
  • Album review, Book review, Christmas events and more!

Fall 2018

  • Building a Corn Maze Business!
  • Meet Librarian Dana Horrocks
  • The History of Dickison’s Pharmasave
  • Homecoming: A Road Less Travelled – Book Review
  • Electronic Screen Syndrome and the Effects on Children
  • Therapy Dog Orientation by St. John Ambulance
  • Photo submissions from our readers.
  • Fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween Events … And More!

Summer 2018

  • Edie Szabo – Sharing Her Passion for Art
  • MVHS Students Getting Involved with Atlantic Salmon Conservation
  • Miramichi River Community Theatre Festival
  • Research Your Roots this Summer
  • History of Beaubear Credit Union
  • Chocolate Cream Pie with Peanut Butter Crust
  • Six Common Reasons for Computer Failure
  • Create the Designer Coastal Look at your Cottage … And More!

Spring 2018

  • Miramichi Wellness & Holistic Fair – May 12-13
  • Cole’s Garden Patch – A Family Farm Born out of Love
  • Protect Your Pets from Poisonous Plants
  • An Old Fashioned Recipe with Darlene
  • Miramichi Senior Citizens Home Celebrating 50 Years
  • Rotary Ribfest on the Miramichi!
  • Real “Good Food” Needs a Real Community Impact
  • Give Your Room the Designer Look … And More!

Winter 2018

  • Meet Unicare’s Lisa Williams – A Social Entrepreneur with a Vision
  • Miramichi’s Famous Visitor – A Mistle Thrush Comes to Town
  • Miramichi on way to Age-Friendly Designation
  • Tax Tips – Get the Most out of your Tax Return
  • Shine Bright Like a Diamond – Selecting a Diamond for Valentines Day
  • Discover the Trails at Miramichi Cross Country Ski Club
  • Uncovering Artifacts at King Street Elementary
  • And More!

Christmas 2017

  • Decorating for the Holidays
  • Christmas Events, Church Services, and more.
  • How Operation Kind Kids is making a difference.
  • Ella Curtis – At 94 she is dreaming forward!
  • MacRae’s Insurance – Thriving after 36 yrs in business.
  • Success Story of the Chatham Legion Branch #3
  • Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

Fall 2017

  • Join the Seed Saveurs – Learn about saving and sharing seeds.
  • Miramichi’s New Health Coach – A free service to reach your wellness goals.
  • JMH Athletes and Students of the 2016/2017 School Year
  • Harkins: A Name to Remember
  • An Update on the UK Narrow Boat Named Miramichi
  • Operation Christmas Shoe Box
  • NBACL Celebrates 60 Years, Wins Award!

Summer 2017

  • Join the Local Food Revolution with La Terre Partagée.
  • From Goose Park to the Town Square – read how it began.
  • 2017 Schedule of Summer Festivals in Miramichi
  • Canada’s Irish Festival, Festival of Tall Ships
  • Metepenagiag Pow Wow, Rock ‘n Roll Festival
  • Miramichi Scottish Festival, Miramichi Folksong Festival
  • Napan Agricultural Fair

Spring 2017

  • Miramichiers Who Giv’er – Meet Lloyd Cameron
  • Judy Bowman Visits Vimy Ridge
  • The Learning Centre Pre-school: Acts of Caring
  • What is Theta Healing?
  • Spring is in the Air… Renovations are around the corner!
  • Spring Birds at Miramichi Marsh
  • Here We Grow Again, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

Winter 2017

  • Churches of the Miramichi Region, photo essay.
  • Find out what the bees are doing in the winter.
  • A Dog Named Sue explores Miramichi.
  • What is Theta Healing?
  • Miramichi Seniors – A United Voice
  • Big City Designer Meets Little Town Design
  • Poetry, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

November/December 2016

  • Love in the Hallways, Hospice Miramichi
  • Shop Local this Holiday Season and Support Local Business.
  • Miramichi East Raising Funds for New Playground
  • Woodturning Artisan Shane Price
  • Memories of a War Bride – Eileen Elsie (Bromley) Bransfield
  • Volunteer with Miramichi Ground Search & Rescue
  • Poetry, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

October 2016

  • An interview with a Syrian Refugee Family
  • Scott Knowles Memorial Hockey Pool
  • Miramichi Timberwolves 2016 Schedule
  • Help Feeder Birds Stay Healthy
  • NSER Alumni Celebrate 20 Years
  • Miramichier’s Who Giv’er! – Meet Connie Doucet
  • Poetry, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

September 2016

  • APEGNB Pumpkin Fling – educational and family fun.
  • Meet the Local Senior Sawdust Makers
  • Learn about Eggistential Living
  • Family Research Hints from the Miramichi Geneology Society
  • Marguerite Curtis – from the Gray Rapids to Carnegie Hall
  • Miramichier’s Who Giv’er! – Meet Shawn Boisvert
  • Poetry, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

August 2016

  • Professional Lumberjack Competition
  • Miramichi Scottish Festival
  • Miramichi Folklore Park – Home of the Heritage Players
  • Celebrating our Scottish Heritage
  • Village of Blackville Celebrates 50 Years
  • Visiting the Miramichi History Museum
  • Poetry, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

July 2016

  • Farm to Table: Eating Fresh at 1809 Restaurant
  • James M. Hill Students & Athletes of the Year
  • NB Railway Museum – Exploring Local Artifacts
  • Encouraging Your Kids to Clean
  • Home Décor Trend: Go Natural
  • Festivals and Events in the Miramichi Region
  • Poetry, Photo Submissions, This Old Thing, and more!

June 2016

  • In this issue you’ll find:Sykes, Celebrating 16 Years in Miramichi
  • Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games
  • The Blackville Women’s Institute
  • Five Common Mistakes About Going to the Gym
  • Memories of the Old Store (now Darlene’s Vintage Cottage)
  • Updates from the Northumberland Masons Lodge and Miramichi Shrine Club
  • Awesome Photos from our Readers, This Old Thing, and more!

May 2016

In this issue you’ll find:

  • The Guatemala Girls – spreading health & wellness.
  • Bass Fishing photos from readers.
  • WordSpring Comes to Miramichi
  • Beaubear Credit Union Receives Leadership Award
  • Chef’s Program in Blackville
  • Miramichi is Atlantic Canada’s Great Outdoors!
  • Decorating Tips, Poetry, Photo Submissions and More!

March/April 2016

In this issue you’ll find:

  • JMH Student/Athletes of the Year
  • Following up with soldiers who received Christmas Shoe Boxes
  • Ask a Farmer – Gardening Tips
  • Recipe for Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins
  • Making Video Games in Miramichi
  • This Old Thing – Can you guess what it is?
  • Decorating Tips, Poetry, Photo Submissions and More!