Year: 2017

Anita’s Gingerbread and the Creation of Christmas Traditions

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 29, 2017 /

by Allyson Kenning This story was originally published on in December 2012. Lo and behold, it’s that time of year again – Christmas! And it’s once again time to dig out favourite old recipes that make the kitchen smell of the season and our mouths water with anticipation. In Bread n’ Molasses magazine’s previous print incarnation,…

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Lying to Santa

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 28, 2017 /

by Sara Princiotta The annual childhood stress started shortly after Remembrance Day, when we went to the Christmas party my dad’s Union threw for all the employees’ kids. There was a magic show put on by a local amateur magician, unlimited free doughnuts and pop, and then a few hundred kids would chase each other…

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Five Pairs Of Woollen Socks (A Christmas Story)

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 27, 2017 /

by Annabel Sheila Sheila grinned at Max’s struggle with the stitches required to turn the heel on the woollen socks he was knitting for his daughters. No matter how many times she showed him how to do it, he always managed to get stuck in the same spot. Any minute now he’d drop his knitting…

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One Perfect Christmas

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 23, 2017 /

by Ellen (Doyle) MacDonald There are moments in time that are forever immortalized in our memories. Often, these include events that jar us out of our daily routines, tug at our emotions and force us to take notice. Perhaps we are ambushed and thrust into change brought about by circumstance. Or something so gloriously joyous…

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Poem By Paul Baker

By Miramichi Salmon Association / December 22, 2017 /

The river ‘chi, holds a place in my heart With so much to tell, not sure where to start. Perhaps like most tales, from the beginning  Of a young boy one day, who couldn’t stop grinning. My grandfather you see, was a Pond from Ludlow An…

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The Christmas Storm

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 21, 2017 /

The Christmas Storm by Joe Powers I’m a creature of habit, and that night was no different than any other, at least the first part. Following my regular routine of dinner for one I retired to my den and sat, quite contentedly, in my worn fabric, exceedingly comfortable, overstuffed armchair. In the stone fireplace before me, which provided…

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Success Story of Chatham Legion Branch #3

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 20, 2017 /

This letter is to inform the general public of the magnificent work done by Royal Canadian Legion Branch # 3 volunteers and to report the status of our major project to raise funds for a new building, Building Rush 50/50. To date we have raised over $265,000! Thank you to all the volunteers and the…

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I’m Onto Your Tricks, Mr. Grinch!

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 19, 2017 /

by Judy Bowman For many, many years the Grinch stole my Christmas right out from under my nose. It was insidious, so quiet and sneaky, that only recently with episodes of flashes of silver joy and moments of deep blue peace, did I realize it had been missing. Had I called the police to report…

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The Biggest Quitter Challenge: Jan. 1-17

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 19, 2017 /

Quit Smoking January 1-17, and Join Us for the Biggest Quitter Challenge The aim of the challenge is to help individuals stop smoking on or before, Weedless Wednesday, January 17, 2018. • Between January 1st – 17th call 627-7565 to sign-up. • Then join us on Weedless Wednesday (Jan.17) at NBCC Miramichi, 80 University Ave.…

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Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 18, 2017 /

WANT TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY? BE A VOLUNTEER FOR MEALS ON WHEELS You will be helping people unable to prepare their food get access to a hot nutritious meal. Plus, you will be putting a smile on their faces! • Delivering meals at client’s home • Deliveries in Miramichi city limits • Delivery…

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The MSA 2018 Calendars are finally here!

By Miramichi Salmon Association / December 16, 2017 /

  With an unexpected printing delay now behind us, your 2018 MSA calendar is finally in the mail and expected to arrive in time for the holidays. Featuring 12 great images from this past year’s Photo Contest, ea…

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Rotary Christmas Party 2017

By rotary / December 14, 2017 /

The Rotary Club of Newcastle held their annual Christmas Party on Tuesday night at the home of fellow Rotarian Geri Mahoney. The main topic of discussion during the festivities was the planning of the 2018 Miramichi Rotary Rib Fest which will be held from May 24 – 27, 2018. As a special addition to the […]

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Operation Kind Kids – Spreading Random Acts of Kindness

By Giv'er Miramichi / December 14, 2017 /

Kindertots Children’s Centre is teaching children that being kind to others can make the world a better place.  They’ve started a program called Operation Kind Kids that lives by the motto “If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.” The goal of Operation…

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