Monthly Archives: August 2004

Our good friend, Andy, spent some time at Gordon’s Wharf recently. As always, Andy got the great shots! And luckily he decided to share them with us. Looks like a great day! Read more »

Fierté acadienne dans le comté de Northumberland Visit any French community in the Maritimes this month, and you will see houses decorated as the one pictured below. I took this shot on Friday near Néguac during a sales appointment. Almost every house and business along the route had banners, signs, and elaborate decorations, displaying their… Read more »

Thanks for the b’day party guys! What a lot of fun…and you surprised me too! I feel bad now because I thought everyone was slacking off…Maizie & Leslie took an extended lunch break (picking up the cake & stuff) and Stephanie was hanging around when I knew she had work to do elsewhere (waiting for… Read more »

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