Morada Campfire Culture

Outstanding hospitality and fascinating stories are what you find on the Miramichi. Sit under the stars by the roaring outdoor campfire and experience both in this tradition of cultural exchange. You are about to explore the mix of cultures indicative of the original Miramichi settlers.

Aboriginal, European and local “Miramichi-ers” form a “talking circle” where the emblematic “talking stick” is passed from one person to the next. Tell your own story or join in the campfire sing-a-long. Sample different food made from European, Aboriginal and local Miramichi family recipes. Stoke the fire at the on-site-teepee and chat with your Aboriginal host.

Relax in your comfortable resort room and head out in the morning to experience some of the nearby Miramichi adventure. Canoes, kayaks and walking trails are all on site.

Starting June 15- September 30
Every Friday night from 8:00pm-10:00pm
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There will also be an open house at the Morada Resort Sunday June 5th from 2-6pm