Two Poems for Granddad by Paula Grattan

Paula, her brother and their granddad.


You are a part of me
our bloodlines connect

For that I love you
I yearn for a relationship

To know more about you,
our family

My father
your only son

You are here
yet if it were not for
stories told, I would
know nothing of you

I want to proudly carry

Our family name
but for who, for what

My heart breaks
for what we will never have


Always Loved

I didn’t know how much I loved you
Until it was too late
I’m sorry for all the time that passed
that we didn’t really know each other

Granddad, oh my Granddad
how you will be missed
Granddad, oh my Granddad
I’d give anything
to have one more day
just to say I love you
to make sure you knew
I loved you

I was ungrateful
for what we did have
always wanting more
never realizing
That I had more than some

an honourable man
a charitable man
a loving man

you’ll be missed by many
and always loved …

* The top poem titled “Granddad” was written while Paula’s grandfather was still living. The second poem, “Always Loved” was written the day after his passing. She put a copy in his jacket pocket to be buried with him.

Paula Grattan of Miramichi, NB is a 33 year old stay at home mom to a two year old girl. She says, “I’ve been writing my entire life. It’s my soul.”