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Now, it’s Friday, so we’ve got the next installment of the continuing saga at the Laughing Bear Lodge.

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Now, when last we left the Laughing Bear Lodge, there seemed to be a little unrequited love going on, the possibility even of a love triangle. This week Andrea stirs the pot a bit — Hmm, the plot thickens!

Chapter 3

Posted by Andrea, Friday September 19th, 2003

There were more than one pair of eyes scanning the great hall for Trey.

Rakel scanned the crowd easily, towering over half the men with her natural height, aided by the four-inch heeled boots. Her icy blue eyes flicked back and forth behind her sunglasses. She flipped her straight pale blond hair back and sighed with disgust.

Why on earth did my agent suggest such a backwoods spot for me to recuperate? she thought to herself, brushing imaginary dust from the thigh of her Donna Karen slacks. Surely there can’t even be any press here.

The only thing she had found worthwhile so far, was seeing Trey Wheeler get on the plane after her, and again on the bus. She hadn’t managed to speak to him, and of course he must have noticed her, how could he not? He would look so good on her arm and his career would certainly be able to help further hers. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship, she was sure.

She spotted Trey talking and smiling with a dowdy looking lady holding a clipboard and turned to stride over, readying her brilliant smile. That will certainly dazzle ..

She never finished her thought, for as she turned someone crashed into her, almost knocking her over.

“WHAT are you doing?!?!” Rakel started to say, as all eyes in the hall turned towards them. The bundle of arms and legs beneath her straightened up, brushing herself off.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was just trying to find…”

The voice came beneath a mass of mousy brown curls. The face, when it was upturned to Rakel’s, showed a splash of freckles across a short slightly upturned nose.

Automatically Rakel thought of all the makeup tricks to disguise the shadows beneath the brown eyes, devoid of any eyeshadow, or even mascara, and the almost square face.The eyebrows were a mess and far too thick for today’s look. As she was trying to best figure out how to make the narrow lips plumper, she realized they were moving.

The face, in all its unadorned glory, belonged to Luna Spring. And she was furious.

“Oh my God! Is that LEATHER? Do you know how many animals died so you could have a jacket? It’s not even cold here!” Luna could hardly believe it. Recognition dawned on her face.

“And how could you even wear fur? I saw you at the show in London, you’re just lucky I didn’t get you with the spray paint as well!” Luna drew herself up to her full height of five foot four and by this time was wagging a finger right under Rakel’s well-powdered nose.

“Stop it! You people are all alike,” Rakel started to say, trying to keep her voice low and composed, trying to not cause a scene. But her words were lost as Luna stomped up the stairs towards the main wing of rooms.

“Oh my heavens,” said a soft quavery voice behind her that belonged an older lady standing just behind her.

“Well, that certainly was interesting!” added the man next to her.

Rakel took in their look, which to her screamed of retierment villas and discount stores, the woman in a sparkly t-shirt and blue jeans.

Not even designer, can you imagine? she though of telling her friends afterwards.

The man in a pair of kahkis and a short sleeve plaid shirt, and both members of the couple were grinning madly.

“We’re the DeMateos!” they said, in unison.

“And we’re so happy to see new guests here! I’m Rose!” bubbled the woman.

“And I’m Fred!” said the man.

“New friends make life much more fun, you think?”

They both stuck out their hands.

Rakel sighed in disgust, not even bothering to be friendly and turned on her heel to finally speak to Trey. But he was gone. Left in his place was the dowdy woman with the clipboard.

Her head tilted to the side as she asked with a smile, “Ah! You must be Rakel. Are you ready for your room now? I think you’re just down the hall from that Luna girl there.”

“Just give me my key,” demanded Rakel, “and is there a bellhop for my bag? I am assuming I have the best room, no?” Her soft accent hardened under the fatigue she suddenly felt.

“We pride ourselves in having four star suites for every single guest,” Annie soothed. “Your bathroom has a very large tub and there’s plenty of time for a soak before dinner.”

Annie was much too diplomatic to suggest maybe a nap would be needed as well, to hopefully improve this guest’s attitude. But she plastered a smile on her face anyway.

No need to drive people away, she thought, especially since we really need the money from new guests.

Rakel took the proffered key resignedly, “I think I’d like a drink sent up as well, vodka, Stoli’s of course, and chilled.” she ordered, and headed up the stairs.

It was only as she turned the key she remembered that vodka was exactly the reason she was here recuperating.

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