I’m feeling much better now. I think I may even live to fight the good fight another day.

Turns out I was a bit more ill than what I had thought though, it took more than one good solid day of rest in order to recover.

Maybe I was run down to begin with. . .

although I can’t imagine why . . .

Anyway, as a result of my being sick I’m terribly late with Chapter 4 of our novel. My sincere apologies, both for being late, and for the poor quality of what I’m about to reveal . . . but without further ado . . .

When last we left the Laughing Bear Lodge, a cat fight had erupted in the Great Hall . . .

Chapter 4

Posted by Kellie September 29th, 2003

Trey raked his fingers through his thick black hair as he paced the length of the room.

“She’s here,” he thought. “It worked. She’s really here.”

He had never felt more unnerved and out of control.

Earlier, during the scuffle in the Great Hall he had slipped out the door and down the path to his private cabin hoping she hadn’t noticed him.

He wasn’t ready to be seen by her. Part of him feared she would know as soon as she saw him that he was responsible for her trip to the Laughing Bear. After all, she would never have come to New Brunswick if his assistant hadn’t tipped off her people about the Miramichi region.

He remembered the first time he saw her. It was at a studio dinner in Cannes. He was promoting his latest action thriller, Anti-trust, while she had been featured in the acclaimed documentary, Living Beautiful.

They hadn’t been seated at the same table but he couldn’t help but notice her. His eyes were drawn to her all evening, though she didn’t seem to notice.

By the time his agent got around to properly introducing him, dessert had been served and the guests had begun to trail off to other engagements.

“And this is our most valuable asset at the studio — Mr. Trey Wheeler,” his agent half-bowed as his arm swooped revealing Trey with a flourish.

She vaguely nodded at the introduction, ignored his proffered hand, and without uttering a word spun off toward the exit.

She couldn’t have shown less interest in him, and he’d been smitten ever since. He didn’t know precisely how, but Trey was certain that by the end of summer he would leave the Laughing Bear with this beautiful aloof creature draped over his arm.

He flopped into the overstuffed chair determined to come up with a plan to win her over.

“You will be mine,” he breathed. “You will be mine, Miss Luna Spring.”

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