Well I had another lovely drive home from work tonight amidst the slush & muck. I didnt dare take my eyes off the road to look over at Leslie but I’m sure he was clutching the dashboard as we both avoided staring into the onslaught of snow. Because that will make you crazy you know….staring at the snow streaming toward you like so many tiny asteroids.

It was kind of like an episode of Star Trek. There we were hurtling towards Blackville at warp 80, fingers clenched, lights blinking on the dash, boldly going where many have gone before screaming “we’re web designers not snowplows!” *sorry, I knew I could work Star Trek into the Mighty Miramichi somewhere!*

Do you know Leslie? He hasnt introduced himself on the blog yet, but he will. He has to now. Leslie is getting his work experience with us as part of his course. We call him the code meister. Oh, and he adores Shania Twain!

I’m not where I should be right now. I should be at James M. Hill watching the Theatre New Brunswick production, The Hobbit. But I’m not. It’s a classic case of “you snooze, you lose”. Me, Kellie and Colleen all tried to get tickets over the weekend but we left it too late. Oh well, we’ll know better next time I guess and will be first in line for Dear Santa in December.

In case anyone got the wrong impression on my earlier post on “come in when you’re ready, leave when you’re finished”…and I know some of you did…let me clarify. I was in no way implying that we are slack about our work habits. No, we do not wander in at all times of the day, and then leave to go home at noon.

In the past I’ve worked at places that were very strict about the time. You had to take a break at 10:15. Everyone left at 5pm sharp…whether they were finished or not. Nobody cared if I had breakfast. You couldnt take an extra 1/2 for lunch because you wanted to go for a walk and then work an extra 1/2 hour at the end of the day. These things were not options.

At Mighty Miramichi we have the space to “personalize” our work day to fit our needs and still maintain the best interests of the company. I think that’s important. I can breathe here.

Okay Leslie, your turn!

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