Four Principles*


1. “Be impeccable with your word.”

Why be impeccable with your word?

Words are our power. We can choose to use our power with good intent or bad intent.

We reap the result of the choice we make.

2. “Don’t take matters personally.”

Why shouldn’t we take matters personally?

What other people say is based on what THEY are experiencing.

Their perception is just that – THEIR perception. It is not necessarily real. Negativity expressed by others will not affect us unless we allow it to do so.

We have the power to choose.

3. “Don’t make assumptions.”

Why not make assumptions?

Our perception is a fabrication. To know what is real, we have to ask appropriate questions. If we do not ask questions and if we believe our assumptions, we mistake

fiction for fact.

4. “Always do your best.”

Why always do your best?

We will love and respect ourselves if we do our best.

“Our best” is not always “The best,” and the best we can do will change as our circumstances change.

Your best will not be the same when you are sick as opposed to when you are well. When we do the best we are able to do, we can be free of self-loathing and guilt. When we do our best, no one, especially ourselves, can or should ask for more.

*This is a summary of The “Four Agreements” a book written by Don Miquel Ruiz.

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