Snow & Baby Lions

Can you believe it is April 6th and it’s snowing….again?! What is up with this strange weather? My Hyacinthe plants don’t know if they’re coming or going.

They say March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb…but we haven’t seen any lambs yet! I did find this little baby lion wandering around Chatham though.

His name is Baby Lion Richie.

He’s the newest member of the Chatham Lion’s Club. Apparently there’s a lot of fun stuff going on at the Lions meetings! New members are called Baby Lions and they are in control of the club. If you are a Baby Lion you can do whatever you want!

Baby Lions have to wear a bib, eat with baby utensils and are also given a rattle so they can disrupt meetings and generally be annoying. Baby Lion can stand on the tables, swear, make another member buy him a drink, and take food off other peoples plates at dinner. Baby Lions can do whatever they want!

Our Baby Lion Richie gives up his reigning bib next week when 2 new members will be joining and taking over his role.

A bit about Lions. Since Lions clubs were established, Lions have been dedicated to giving back to their communities. Lions clubs provide community parks, playgrounds, senior citizen programs and medical care for those in need.

Lions remain committed to improving the lives of those less fortunate—around the world and right at home.

To learn more or to join the Lions Club you can visit the main website at: or contact the Chatham president Danny Hubbard at 506.773.4263.

Photos from the Chatham Lions Club

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