Well that was nice! I just typed in a long blog, complete with pics, about my Saturday excursions…and then the power flickered off and with a disturbing “poof”, Mac went black!

I’m not sure why that happened because it is a beautiful sunny & humid day, although it is quite windy, so that may have been the cause.

But today is my day off and I won’t let an electrical charge get me down! Kellie is probably freaking out right now, unplugging everything in the house. I imagine she sees the power flicker as a sign that heat lightening is on its way and she’s sitting in a corner somewhere with her ears perked, straining to hear distant rumbles.

For me to have a day off in the middle of the week is pretty exciting! I’m a self-professed workaholic and Terry, the Mighty Miramichi captain, has been encouraging me to take a break…I’ve only logged into the email server at work ONCE today….that’s impressive! So far today I’ve just been hanging out, cooking, doing laundry, watched Ellen Degeneres, oh and I planted an herb garden that I’m excited about.

Okay, I’m posting, and getting back to the previous blog that disappeared.

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