Nazareth was a BLAST on Saturday night! Kellie & I went, and met up with Cindy & Chris (longtime friends of Mighty Miramichi).

What is it about rock legends that can turn perfectly sane girls into screaming maniacs? I guess you’re never too old to try and pull a 58yr old rocker off the stage by his ankles…

Believe it or not, we didn’t bring our cameras (scared of losing them) and that means no pictures! All I have to post are these souvenirs. My ticket stub and a guitar pick from Pete Agnew on the bass guitar.

SEND US PICTURES!So Miramichi, I know you took pictures. I saw the flashes. Please email us your pics so we can post them here or in the Mighty Miramichi photo gallery.

Meanwhile, check out the Nazareth website here.

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