Each time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, change it into a positive one.

If you catch yourself visualizing failure, switch to visualizing success.

If you hear yourself repeating negative words, switch to positive ones.

If you hear yourself saying, “I cannot”, say to yourself, “I can”.

Do you repeat useless and unnecessary negative words and phrases in your mind? Change them to positive ones.

Open your mind to positive attitude, happenings and events. Expect them and think about them, and soon you life will change for the better.

Decide that from today, from this very moment, you are leaving negative thinking behind, and starting on the way towards positive thinking and behavior. It is never too late. Soon your life will turn into a fascinating, wonderful journey.

This quote is an excerpt from the “Visualize and Achieve” e-book from which I am not receiving any royalties, just read it and thought it was cool.

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