Ghosts of Christmas Past visit Rodd Miramichi River

Mighty Miramichi was given the delightful opportunity this week of previewing Feast Dinner Theatre’s 2004 Christmas production, Ghosts of Christmas Past, presented by Rodd Miramichi River, which runs November 14-20 & 23-25. It was surely a great performance featuring musical comedy, improv, and loads of laughs and fun – not to mention a superb buffet!

The original Feast was established at Summerside, PEI in 1979 called “The Governors Feast”, but have since produced shows for operators in Charlottetown, Yarmouth, Sydney, Halifax and Miramichi for the past 20 years. This is Miramichi’s fifth year for the Dinner Theatre

Performers include: Amanda Jollimore, Adam Klassen, Joey Baglole,

Anders Balderston, Kyle Ellsworth, & Julie Arsenault

From the Director: “Forty-five years ago the lives of four friends were altered by the events of a single evening. Tonight, something will bring these four back to where it all began in one final attempt to make things the way they should have been. Join us for a life-changing adventure featuring your favourite Holiday hits and popular songs of the past and present. You’ll leave full of cheer and warmed by our Holiday buffet.”

This is definitely worth seeing – and fun to boot!

Tickets are available at Rodd Miramichi River (1809 Water Street), or by calling (506) 773-5649. A full-course buffet is included. Space is limited.

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