Big Dream Energy

Yesterday I met with my writer’s workshop group and we had a good session. In other workplaces it would be probably be frowned upon if someone took off on Friday afternoon for completely selfish personal reasons like meeting with their creative writing group to work on their novel. But balance is very important in everyone’s life and Mighty Miramichi gets that and supports it.

There are many great things about taking the time to meet with my writing group. I’m forced to push on towards the completion of my novel and supported every step of the process. Writing is difficult and very personal work, so support can be vital. I also learn so much about the craft of writing and how to improve my skills. After every meeting I come away with new knowledge and ideas, better ways of doing things.

But maybe the best and most important part is the buzz that stays with me for about two weeks after. It’s difficult to describe this feeling — it’s a high, a boost of energy, a feeling of excitement. Like I’m walking a little taller, my steps a little lighter, almost floating across the floor. It’s an energy that’s so electrifying and exciting it impacts everything in my life, not just the creative writing part. When I leave my writers workshop, this “kid on Christmas Eve” buzz comes with me.

So not only do these meetings help to keep me motivated personally with my novel and other creative writing, but it gives me great motivation and energy toward all aspects of my life — Bread ‘n Molasses, exercising, house chores and whatever else — All of it! It’s a good buzz to have because it keeps you moving, more alert, highly sensitised . . . and very productive!

So today is Saturday and my batteries are fully charged. I’m raring to go, practically vibrating with this big old smile on my face. I’m putting a new issue of Bread ‘n Molasses to bed, full of ideas and positive energy! This is Big Dream energy at its finest. And you can have it too, it’s really simple. Dare to dream big. Write it down.

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