Time for Hockeyville!

—– Original Message —–
From: Francis Malley
To: The Mighty Miramichi
Subject: Hockeyville Tuesday

Friends, family and colleagues;
Our Team, the Miramichi Gopits have progressed to the next stage of competition and again need your support. I remain confident that we can make the cut to the semi-finals with everyone’s help.

“The Game is On!”

ON June 6th & 7th VOTE “Miramichi Gopits” for Hockeyville!


Watch “Hockeyville” on CBC television at 8 PM this Tuesday June 6th
Vote for Miramichi from the end of the show until midnight on June 7th
Vote both by phone and on the internet, in either language.

Call toll free 1-888-459-2006, follow the directions, and confirm your vote before
hanging up, then repeat the process as many times as it will allow, use every home
and business phone you have available to you (after calling the toll free number, cell phones must press 9 at the prompt). Fax lines may also work. Pay phones also.

Go to www.cbchockeyville.com and vote, confirm your vote before leaving, then repeat the process as many times as it will allow, use as many e-mail addresses as you have available to you.

Call your friends, neighbours, and co-workers and ask them to vote.
Watch “Hockeyville” on CBC television at 8 PM on Friday June 9th for the winners.

please pass this email on to all friends of the miramichi

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