Walk of Hope in Miramichi

The Walk of Hope

We have all experienced a low in our lives at one time or other. Some of us bounce back; however there are others who need support and assistance to regain self-esteem and self–confidence. Did you know that one in five people will suffer some type of mental illness in their lifetime? Schizophrenia alone affects more than 40 million worldwide and is known as youth’s greatest disabler.

It is well documented that walking is good for your health. Perhaps, it is not quite as well documented that walking is good for your mental health. This last piece of news is one that may be entirely new to you, but walking is good for other people’s mental health. When you join us for our annual Walk of Hope, you are helping provide education, support and advocacy for people living with chronic mental illness.

May 6, 2012 will be the annual Walk of Hope for the Miramichi Region. The Walk began in 1994 with only a handful of people walking. The Walk of Hope has grown to become a fun day with lots of music, entertainment and snacks. A day to be together with family, see old friends and meet new ones. Lots of food, fun, prizes and great entertainment.

The Walk of Hope is one of the major fundraisers for the Schizophrenia Society, which is a non-profit organization that offers support, education, and advocacy for the family and friends of those affected by a major mental illness.

This year, the Walk will be held May 6, 2012 and will start at 1:00 p.m. from the Miramichi Mall parking lot and go along Pleasant Street, around the Town Square and up the Town Hill to the Knights of Columbus Hall located on 345 Campbell Street where you can enjoy live entertainment, refreshments and great door prizes.

Come join us for a full afternoon of fun. Contact Natalie at (506) 622 1595 or you can email for pledge sheets; get that great team together for the walk, the more the merrier. Remember your walking not only improves you general overall health, your mental health but other people’s mental health. We are looking forward to seeing lots of new faces along with our familiar ones.

This post was submitted by Schizophrenia Society of NB-Miramichi.