My Mother — A Poem

This is a poem in honour of my mom for your Mother’s Day issue. My mother passed away in ’84 but I still have many fond memories of her. She was a school teacher and taught in many rural schools in the Miramichi.

She was quiet, but fun,
She enjoyed a good laugh
She had to milk cows,
She even fed calves.

She raised three children,
But taught many more,
Had many a friend
Who entered her door.

She had to work hard,
She got little pay,
Did housework at night,
And taught school all day.

She was always cheerful,
She’d never complain,
No matter how tired,
Or how much in pain.

She could play the piano,
She’d dance and she’d sing,
And to her grandchildren,
She’d give anything.

The stories she told to
me and my brothers,
But she’s always told us,
To be kind to others.

And well I remember,
How God’s Word she read,
Each night by the stove,
Before going to bed.

She was of all mothers,
One of the best,
And I know up in heaven
With God, she’s at rest.

But, oh, if I could,
The one thing I’d do,
I’d tell you, dear Mom
How much I love You!

And when all the trials
Of this life are o’er,
My mom will be waiting
On heaven’s blest shore.

And we’ll be together
Up there in the sky,
And never again
Will we say good-bye.

–Lura Somers, Halcomb NB

This post was submitted by Lura Somers.