MYPIE vs MOLD Lawn Tractor Challenge

A new event at the 21st Annual Napan Agricultural Show will feature the “MYPIE vs MOLD Lawn Tractor Challenge”, happening Thursday August 9th at 7PM.  This event will match the lawn tractor driving skills of the Miramichi Young Professionals and Involved Entrepreneurs with the skills of the “Not so Young” business professionals of the Miramichi Old Lads Department.

The idea behind this event grew as a result of the annual MYPIE Gala which took place this past April.  During the Gala, Downtowns Miramichi General Manager, Wade Hallihan introduced the idea of MOLD upon learning that he was “too old” to become a member of MYPIE.  Napan Agricultural Show Director and Announcer, John O’Shea was in attendance at the Gala and later approached MYPIE Gala organizer, Shannon Daley about having some their member’s trade in their suits and gowns for some good, country fun.  O’Shea wanted to have an event that would not only expose the Napan Agricultural Show to organizations that may not be familiar with the show, but offer younger business people and professionals, a new venue to promote their organizations such as the spectators of the Napan Agricultural Show.  From there, the MYPIE vs. MOLD Lawn Tractor Challenge was created.

MYPIE Team Members include:

MOLD Team Members include:

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