On the Eighth Day of Christmas …

Jules Keenan, age 12.

Jules Keenan, age 12.

A Poem by Jules Keenan


snow capped treetops fill the now
ever so elegant
winter wonderland of a forest
hiding in your backyard

Pine tree branches hanging low
create little hideaways for children
with only the best imaginations
to seek and find

while children play in their own secret world
parents go to work
trying to get through
yet another holiday season

fathers shovel the driveways
while mothers add the finishing touch
to their homemade shortbread

as the sky grows darker
the family gathers around the table
for the famous turkey dinner
Mother has promised

Christmas lights click on everywhere
throughout the neighbourhood
leaving a joyous glow about the snow

– Jules Keenan, age 12, Miramichi NB