Miramichi Airport to offer new charter flights

thumbnailThe Miramichi Airport has good news for workers who need to travel out of province for employment. The airport recently began clearing space for 500 new parking spots to help handle the increased traffic expected to come with the addition of new charter flights to popular work locations around the country. This increased flight network comes from the efforts of a locally-driven business venture.

The Miramichi Airport Commission and Site Flight Corp. announced earlier this month that they plan to bring additional charter flights to the area to help out of province workers. The introduction of these flights intends to limit how often workers need to travel long hours to get to an airport that can fly them to their work sites. The new flights will include destinations such as Western Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Canadian Arctic.

The airport had 622 arrivals and departures in August of this year, and just over 3,100 aircraft have used the 10,000 foot runway since January. By increasing the volume of flights to these locations, both Site Flight and The Miramichi Airport Commission hope to make workplace travel safer, faster, and more convenient for both workers and their families.

Site Flight plans to release more details as they become available.

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