St. John Ambulance offers students free first aid and CPR training

cq5dam.web.600.400 (1)St. John Ambulance, in a partnership with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, has offered free training in emergency first aid and CPR to nearly 900 grade 10 students in the province. Training ran for a full day and included emergency first aid and adult/child/infant CPR with Automated External Defibrillator instruction. This opportunity was offered to students both in anglophone and francophone school districts.

“First aid and CPR are extremely important skills that can save people’s lives in emergency situations,” Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Serge Rousselle said. “I commend and thank St. John Ambulance for partnering with the department to provide free training to young New Brunswickers so they will know what to do if someone’s life is at risk.”

St. John Ambulance provided both materials and facilitators for the students participating in the training. Those who completed the day-long course were issued certificates which remain valid for the next three years.

“St. John Ambulance is a charity that trains thousands of New Brunswickers each year,” St. John Ambulance Larry Broad said. “The majority of these people are adults who receive this training through their employment. We felt it was important to enable more New Brunswick youth to apply first aid skills at a time of need, whether it be at school, at home or in their community. These are skills that will serve them well as they progress through their education and into their chosen careers.”

St. John Ambulance plans to extend this training to an additional 1,500 students in early 2015.

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