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Miramichi River Tourism Association

Discover Miramichi has come up with a few different activities for you and your entourage to partake in while the sun is high in the sky. From the beautiful beaches and incredible history in the east, to the scenic banks lining the transparent rivers in the southwest, and the home of the trail blazing mother of Tabusintac, there are plenty of activities to plan on your calendar.

Take a trip down the Acadian Coastal Drive to the beautiful beaches in Escuminac. There you can lounge on the warm sand and swim in the ocean. Or if that isn’t quite your speed, strap on your water shoes, bring your shovel and enjoy digging for clams. After hours unwinding on the beautiful shores, pay your respect at the monument commemorating the Escuminac Disaster, then enjoy the fruits of their labour with the Fisherman’s basket at the same wharf.

Acadian Day Celebrations happen August 15th

Acadian Day Celebrations happen August 15th

Cross the Miramichi Bay and end up in Tabusintac, a small town on the outskirts of the city. Here you will discover the real life character of Charlotte Taylor, whose impressive life is documented in the novel The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor. Whether you have read the book or not, make sure you visit the Tabusintac Library where you can Follow in the Steps of Charlotte Taylor and experience life through her eyes. Consider visiting this region during one of the following festivals:

  • National Acadian Day (August 15th)
  • 20th Annual Esgenoopetitj First Nation Powwow (August 21st – 23rd)

If you follow the banks of the Miramichi River in the opposite direction, you will end up in Upper Miramichi. Here you can experience the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by the locals every day. Visit one of our many outfitters and explore our river in a number of exciting fashions: fishing, kayaking, tubing and even paddle boarding! The clear waters and picturesque banks are sure to stick in your memory and keep you returning. The Central NB Woodmen’s Museum Professional Lumberjack Competition on August 15th is sure to enhance your visit to this region.

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Although much fun can be had outside city limits it would be unwise to ignore the treasures found within the city itself. Here we find the roots that make up our diverse ancestry and captivating history. Listen to Captain Azade Hache, as he takes off from Ritchie’s Wharf on his double decker touring boat and reveals the historic highlights of our beautiful city, and the heroes who have made it what it is today. Care for a more personal interaction with some of the historic sites he presents on the tour? Make sure you visit Beaubears Island for the Tour Through Time, Middle Island to learn about the Irish’s turbulent beginnings on the Miramichi, or French Fort Cove and Dare The Dark With The Headless Nun. Don’t forget to look at the festivals within the city either:

  • Miramichi Scottish Festival (August 21st – 23rd)
  • Pumpkin Fling (September 26th)

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