An Outing on VIA Rail

viadomecarby An Anonymous Retired Registered Nurse

How the years roll by and time changes all things! We are left with wonderful memories of the not-to-be-forgotten events that we enjoyed with our friends.

We belonged to a group of eight retired Registered Nurses who trained at the former Miramichi Hospital in the early fifties. After we reached the “golden years” we met for a pot luck dinner one day each summer at a home in Sunny Corner overlooking the Miramichi River. They were the finest hosts ever!

During these meetings we would plan our annual shopping day-trip to Moncton, on VIA Rail. On one of our excursions the conductor of the train, upon hearing of such an “important” group, led us down the station platform and up the steps of the train to the domed sightseeing car, where he seated us as a special treat. These train trips included such antics as line dancing, singing and conversing with other passengers … some of whom may still be wondering about our gregariousness.

Upon arrival in Moncton we would hail a cab and the lot of us would pile into the six-seater, much to the amazement of the driver. He would take us to Swiss Chalet for a scrumptious dinner and then on to Champlain Place for the day. There we would visit the shops and during the afternoon, treat ourselves to a three-tier ice cream at Laura Secord.

Later, we travelled to Highfield Square by the same taxi prearranged with the driver, if he was up for the challenge of transporting our boisterous group yet again. After a few trips on the escalator at Eaton’s/ The Bay, we would enjoy a sandwich at the restaurant overlooking the parking lot. Then it was on to the VIA Rail station for the return trip to Miramichi in the evening.

Once, when we were unable to obtain train tickets, we went to Moncton by limousine. Upon arriving at Sears we jokingly gave the impression we had won the lottery to the bystanders!

We had wonderful times on the train rides. Now we are older and unable to travel as freely but we are left with these cherished memories!

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