Clearing The Air — One Bag At A Time

bambookittyIs there something in the air? Your air? A certain odour that just makes your nose twitch? If so, there is a new “green” solution for that.

A Moso bamboo charcoal bag can absorb odours, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens. Also it will absorb moisture to help prevent mold and mildew.

The charcoal from the Moso bamboo tree acts like a sponge, drawing in the nasty odours such as smoke, pet smells and paint. Scientific research has proven the bamboo bag reduces harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases emitted from items such as paint, carpeting, air fresheners, chemical cleaners, rubber and plastic.

Moso bamboo is a species of giant timber bamboo that grows rapidly, and reaches maturity in five years. Reaching 55 feet tall and beyond, this is a fantastic renewable resource.

minibambooThe bamboo after harvest is placed in a kiln and dried at high temperatures for 10 to 14 days. This creates a product with millions of tiny, porous holes that is perfect for absorption. The bag is non-toxic, making it safe around children and pets. It is also fragrance free, which is great for people who cannot tolerate scents.

Using the bag is simple, just take it out of the wrapper, and place it in the area where you want to “clear your air”. Within a few days you will notice an improvement, and after about a week odours will be neutralized.

Once a month the bag needs to be placed out in the sun for at least an hour. The UV rays from the sun rejuvenate the bag, and it is ready to be used again. This can continue for two years! After two years, the contents can be placed into your flowerpots, gardens, or just back into the earth from where it came.

Some areas for use are in your fridge, basement, vehicles, bedrooms, litter box area, hockey bags, office, dorm rooms, laundry etc. The Bamboo Bag comes in different sizes to cover a range of areas from shoes to 250 square feet.

The Miramichier who bought and tested this fantastic product in her own home first, really believes in it.

“I found the product online quite by fluke, as I read about it, I thought if this really works, it is an amazing idea. So of course, I ordered one to try it. The Bamboo bag worked so well that I wanted more of them. I also introduced the bag to my cousin who is a very strong believer in all things ‘green’. When I told my co-workers about the bamboo bag, they wanted to try it as well, and things went from there. I have a sensitivity to scents. Air fresheners, perfumes etc., so the bamboo bag works well for me. If we can purify the air around us using a natural, biodegradable product, that would be the absolute best that we can do for ourselves, families and environment.”

To get your Bamboo Bags or for more information, contact Angela MacLaughlin by email at or call 622-5369.

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays, and a fantastic New Year!

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