Beaubears Island Speaker Series

Speaker_Series_web-largeAs 2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the final ship being built on Beaubears Island, the Friends of Beaubears Island will host an array of events throughout the year to commemorate the twilight of shipbuilding.

The first of these will be an enlightening lecture series featuring seven Miramichi historians.

Presentations will occur in the library at the Nelson Rural School 7 pm on Monday and Thursday evenings this month.

Come and see a pictorial journey through the history of one of the oldest settlements on the Miramichi when Marjorie Sinclair presents “The Story of Nelson in Photographs.”

Tony VanBuskirk presents on “The Spruce Budworm & the Miramichi Forest Industry”, speaking about one of the most damaging native insects affecting spruces and true fir in Canada, and how the last extensive outbreak impacted the local forest industry.

Hear the story of the Scottish lumber merchant, shipbuilder and politician, who founded the first permanent English-speaking settlement on the Miramichi River 250 years ago, as Manford Wasson speaks on “250 Years of William Davidson”.

Speaking of shipbuilders, Cyril Donahue will look at “Miramichi Shipbuilder John Harley”, touching on his early days in Rosebank, and his time during Beaubears Island’s golden age of shipbuilding.

From the majestic Miramichi to Her Majesty the Queen, Barry MacKenzie displays his knowledge of “Royal Tours to the Miramichi”, chronicling how the royals enjoyed themselves in our backyard.

Closing out the shipbuilding theme, Neil Wallace takes a look at the history of boat and ship construction, with some attention to Miramichi shipbuilding industry, in “So You Wanna Build a Ship”.

Finally, Tim Humes offers a presentation on Canoe Kayak NB’s work to recreate the portage trails used by First Nations more than 3000 years ago.

There certainly looks to be something for everyone, so why not come out? You’re sure to learn a bit more about this fantastic community of ours and it’s impact, both across the country and across the globe.

Speakers & Topics
Feb. 8 – Marjorie Sinclair: The Story of Nelson in Photographs
Feb. 11 – Tony VanBuskirk: History of the Spruce Budworm & the Miramichi Forest Industry
Feb. 15 – Manford Wasson: 250 Years of William Davidson
Feb. 18 – Cyril Donahue: Miramichi Shipbuilder John Harley
Feb. 22 – Barry MacKenzie: Royal Tours to the Miramichi
Feb. 25 – Neil Wallace: “So You Wanna Build a Ship”: A Look at the History of Boat and Ship Construction
Feb. 29 – Tim Humes: Ancient Portage Trails of New Brunswick

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