Celebrate Aboriginal Heritage on the Miramichi this Summer

Nationalaboriginalday-2For 3000 years Aboriginal Persons have been contributing culture and spirit to the Miramichi region. Join us in celebrating Aboriginal Heritage on the Miramichi this summer.

July 14 – 17
Enjoy the sunrise, see traditional dancing or enjoy the magnificent fireworks display at the Natoagneg (Eel Ground) PowWow this summer.

July 26 – 30
Support young aboriginal athletes at the NB Indian Summer Games to be held in Eel Ground First Nation

July 29 – 31
Experience thousands of years of tradition at the Metepenagiag First Nation PowWow where you will find local handicrafts and observe oral traditions.

August 19-21
Immerse yourself in Aboriginal traditions of teaching, learning, singing, dancing, feasting, sharing and healing at the Burnt Church PowWow

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