Rocky Brook Camp Thank you Letter

rockybrookthanksEarlier this fall the Miramichi Salmon Association shared a special thank you letter on their website. We wanted to share this wonderful act of kindness from the folks at Rocky Brook Camp with our readers so we’re reprinting the letter below:

On March 8, 1980 my sister, Lynn and her fiancé, Folke were shot in Louisiana by a gunman (mistaken identity). The 1st bullet caused my then 19 year old sister to be a paraplegic. Folke bravely protected her from further bullets by lying on top of her. He also received bullets and lost part of a kidney causing them both to be in intensive care at a local hospital in Baton Rouge until they were transported to St. Michael’s hospital in Toronto. That was 35 years ago. A lot of good things happened after that … They married that Christmas … Moved to Sweden where they have made their home … and exactly 5 years to the day, their daughter, Patricia was born … Although Lynn has lived in Sweden for the past 34 1/2 years she is very proud to be a Canadian. Last Friday she was overwhelmed by the act of kindness from the group from Rocky Brook who built a chariot and gave her the surprise of a lifetime. Mark Moir deserves extra praise for arranging everything. Fall Brook Falls is one of Mother Nature’s gems. After all these years, my beautiful sister was able to see it! We are all so proud of Lynn and her amazing husband, who by the way, has recently overcome 3 major heart surgeries, including an aortic dissection. Folke, Patricia and her fiancée, Stephanie England, all of the sisters and their spouses, nieces and nephews were able to join her on this wonderful surprise. Thanks again, Mark Moir and the other Rocky Brook staff!

Elaine Hurley Wilson

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